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William Cockayne

23 12 2020
William Cockayne

Ph.D., is a long-time citizen of Silicon Valley and performer in the global innovation ecosystem. As Lecturer in Stanford University’s Design Group, he directs Stanford Foresight, leads the Silicon Valley Innovation Academy, and delivers the award-winning ME410 course series to “design the future”.

In addition, he leads Moonshot Labs, a distributed incubator focused solely on enabling tomorrow’s leaders to envision and build a better future. Previously he held senior roles in technology research and product development at SK Telecom Americas, Eastman Kodak, DaimlerBenz, and Apple Computer. A seasoned entrepreneur, Cockayne was co-founder and CEO of Handstand Inc., an award-winning application developer of content, digital media, and educational products, and co-founder and CTO of Scout Electromedia, a consumer mobile company that pioneered mobile advertising, social media, and barcodes on mobile displays.

Cockayne is a Visiting Professor of Design at the Osaka Institute of Technology in Japan and a Visiting Scholar with the Institute of Information Management at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. He has also introduced new curricula in high-technology entrepreneurship for the tier-one research universities across Switzerland and also in digital modeling, virtual environments, and simulation (MOVES) at the Naval Postgraduate School in California.

Cockayne holds a doctorate in mechanical engineering and a masters of science in computer science. He is a regular speaker and advisor on topics of industrial research and development, disruptive innovation, and technology entrepreneurship. He holds multiple patents and has authored various publications, including Playbook for Strategic Foresight and Innovation (2013) and Mobile Agents (1998).

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