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Steven D. Eppinger

16 02 2017

Dr. Eppinger received his Sc.D. degree from MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering. His experience includes work as a machinist, manufacturing engineer, product designer, and consultant in both prototype and production operations. He has consulted for, or conducted research with, more than fifty firms. Dr. Eppinger served as director of CIPD, co-director of LGO-SDM, deputy dean of the Sloan School from 2004 to 2009, and interim dean of the Sloan School during 2007. He is currently the faculty co-director of the SDM program. At the Sloan School of Management, Dr. Eppinger created an interdisciplinary product development course, in which graduate students from engineering, management, and industrial design programs collaborate to develop new products. He also teaches MIT’s executive programs in the area of product development and project management. Dr. Eppinger has co-authored a best-selling textbook entitled Product Design and Development, 5th edition (2012). He has also co-authored the book Design Structure Matrix Methods and Applications(the fourth book in the MIT Press Engineering Systems Book Series, 2012). In 1993, he received both MIT’s Graduate Student Council Teaching Award and the Sloan School’s Award for Innovation and Excellence in Management Education. Dr. Eppinger’s research efforts are applied to improving product design and development practices. This research focuses on organizing complex design processes in order to accelerate industrial practices. This work has been applied primarily in the automotive, electronics, aerospace, and equipment industries. He received the ASME Best Paper Award in Design Theory and Methodology in 1995 and again in 2001.

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