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Monique Aubry

04 03 2017
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Ph.D. is professor at the Business Science School of University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM). Her principal interest of research bears on Project Management Offi ces (PMO) and their relation to the organizational performance. The results of her work has been presented to several international conferences, both research and professional. Before joining UQAM, Monique Aubry was project manager in Desjardins Financial Group. Her most important achievements relate to the implementation of business solutions where technology and culture create a complex environment and where the only strategy for success passes through the management of organisational change. Monique Aubry participated to the implementation and evolution of the PMO for more than 10 years. Monique Aubry received in2012 theHighly Commended Award Win- ner at the Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2012 for her article“The social reality of organisational project management at the interface between networks and hierarchy”published inInternational Journal of Managing Projects in Business. In 2011, she received the ESG-UQAM Implication award for her involvement in the local and international communities in project management. She is member of the Standards Members Advisory Group and the steering group for Research Informed Standards of Project Management Institute (PMI). She is involved in PMO community of practices where she contributes to reinforce the links be- tween professionals and researchers.

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