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Max Wideman

05 03 2017
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A retired Canadian professional engineer and project manager with experience in engineering, design and construction of hydroelectric, riverworks, marine, commercial and residential projects, as well as systems, software, social and environmental projects. He has held responsibilities in the private and public sectors as Contractor, Engineer, Developer, and corporate executive. Max joined the Project Management Institute in 1974, was Founding President of the Canadian West Coast Chapter in 1979, Chair of the first PMBOK® document committee in 1986, President of PMI (international) in 1987, Chairman in 1988, and was made a PMI Fellow in 1989.

Max is best known for his web site, launched in 2000, a comprehensive repository of freely available project management knowledge and wisdom theory and practice. His book, A Management Framework for Project, Program and Portfolio Integration, was published in 2004. In 2007, he launched the Wideman Education Foundation, a (Canadian registered) charity dedicated to promoting the use of proven, successful project management skills especially among high school and undergraduate students.

Max Wideman

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