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Luca Ruggeri

09 05 2023


Electronic engineer since 2003, he has worked in the telecommunications industry for 10+ years with large corporations. From 2013, struck by lean & agile thinking, he began to engage with startups up to co-found one in the context of smart mobility and cleantech, selected and funded by the EU (Incense) among the best 28 cleantech startups in 2016. Well connected with the local entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem as a director of Roma Startup and mentor/advisor of some startups, he is an expert in change management, service & process design, the impact of technology, and business model innovation. Consultant for the Italian government on the use of emerging technologies (above all AI & DLT) till 2020, he coordinated the task force of AI experts that led to the first whitepaper on AI for public administrations in 2018. Since 2016, he has been firmly committed to the development of the Platform Design Toolkit and co-founded Boundaryless in 2018.

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