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Ivar Jacobson

20 04 2021

Dr. Ivar Jacobson is a father of components and component architecture, use cases, the Unified Modeling Language and the Rational Unified Process. He has contributed to modern business modeling and aspect-oriented software development. Lately, Ivar has been working on how to deal with methods and tools in an agile and lean way.

He is one of the leaders of SEMAT with the objective to refound software engineering as a rigorous discipline. In 2004, Ivar received the Gustaf Dalen medal from Chalmers Institute Of Technology, Gothenburg Sweden. He is an international honorary advisor at Peking University, Beijing, and he is an honorary doctor at San Martin de Porres University, Peru.

He is the principal author of seven influential and best-selling books, including Object-Oriented Software Engineering, Business Process Reengineering with Objects, Software Reuse: Architecture, Process and Organization for Business Success, The Road to the Unified Software Development Process, and The Unified Software Development Process, Aspect-Oriented Software Development with Use Cases, and lately The Essence of Software Engineering – Applying the SEMAT Kernel. He co-authored two UML books with Grady Booch and James Rumbaugh.

Ivar is also a founder of Ivar Jacobson International, operating in seven countries around the world. His company’s home page is

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