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Eric Seulliet

12 04 2017

Eric Seulliet – President, La Fabrique du Futur
Institut d’Urbanisme de Paris

FDF (La Fabrique du Futur) defines itself as an operational “think network” about future trends, foresight and innovation.

At first, FDF could be described as a “think network” with mission of promoting new approaches regarding innovation : user-centric innovation, design thinking, co-creation with users, etc.

From its early age, FDF had a special interest in the field of 3D, virtual worlds, augmented reality, etc. as we consider these tools and technologies as particularly pertinent for co-creation processes.

In 2008, FDF became officially a living lab within the ENoLL network (3rd wave) under the name “3D Living Innovation”. Not surprinsingly, the focus of our living lab is about 3D and virtual reality.

3D Living Innovation is the first living lab totally dedicated to 3D.

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