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David G. Ullman

14 06 2020

Dr. Ullman is an active product design and has trained over 5000 students how to develop products from need to delivery.  In 1992 he published “The Mechanical Design Process” a text now in its 6th edition that is used internationally and has been translated into Chinese and Korean.  It is a compendium of best design practices.  In 2019 he published “Scrum for Hardware Design” bringing new design best practices to students.

Dr. Ullman holds a PhD. From The Ohio State University, is an ASME Life Fellow and Emeritus Professor from Oregon State University. He is a DTM founder. He holds six patents, and is an active product designer, aerospace engineer and product design consultant. He certified is scrum. He lives at an airpark where he designs, builds, and flies airplanes.

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