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Dave Snowden

03 08 2022

I am currently working on the application of natural sciences to social systems through the development of a range of methods and the SenseMaker® software suite. I started work in an NGO post University and then moved onto HR & Training in the late 70s when I started work with computers. That together with a diploma from The Certified Accountants got me a job as Development Accountant in the same firm where I headed up the Treasury function and was responsible for computerisation. An MBA in financial management saw me move into consultancy and software designing decision support systems in what became Data Sciences where I became a General Manager (creating MURCO) and the Corporate Business Development Manager where I created the Genus Programme (an integration of JAD/RAD, Object Orientation and Legacy Management) which was one of the main components in the turn around of that company. IBM acquired the company 1997 and after than my more public career started.

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