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telephone triage policy and procedure

02 12 2020

Updated March 27, 2020 (effective retroactive to March 13, 2020) File Name: CPP_25 BCBSVT Payment Policy (Temporary/Emergency): Telephone Triage. Effective Date: March 1 3, 2020. HMO Policy and Procedure 2.  Staff undertaking the mental health telephone triage function are responsible for reading and understanding these guidelines and for complying with Local Health … � ���D�(� ���h��š��������(�nt�[ՙDs��;eP+Q�s�+�PΝVBԧql=ܐZw��촐 �Z�O��7E�1��> S��Ij��L�����,��6�0A��3+����k�T�k���Kaj}��f#�����u�`�����|����T=�K��x�_�C��:���F��#�.s|IJ�Q���ɹmV�R�Zٺ�(R��jje�͹�(q�n���7� ���6H��t���`���9*� �o�������7!�uU�M �^#*�G�Od��2gk4vn�n��G�}��MH�W�e� i�*i��a&Kx�C�g�$�`�\b�����g/��� Some state laws allow more duties in the scope of practice for medical assistants, so the established practice protocols in the healthcare practice should comply with state law and be specific to this expanded role if applicable. The nurse should then consult with the patient's medical Telephone Policies and Procedures. As telephone triage clinicians we must insure the safe, timely assessment, and disposition of patient symptoms via the phone. A procedure is a written set of instructions that describe the approved and recommended steps of a particular act or sequence of events (HIQA, 2008). Under standardized procedures the triage nurse may provide a number of additional services. Review protocols and algorithms annually to ensure compliance with current standards of care. ������ MATERNITY TRIAGE STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE FOR THE DAY ASSESSMENT UNIT AND STANDALONE BIRTHING UNITS Document Reference/Register no: 20012 Version Number: 1.1 Document type: (Policy/ Guideline/ SOP) SOP To be followed by: (Target Staff) Midwives and obstetricians Ratification Issue Date: (Date document is uploaded onto the intranet) 8 April 2020 Review Date: 7 … Branch contact Anne Unicomb … Telephone Triage Protocols for Nurses. Delineating responsibilities for telephone triage in job descriptions will ensure the appropriate healthcare employee is providing it and working within his or her scope of practice. Triage is the sorting and classification of information to determine priority of need and proper place of treatment. Corporate Payment Policy . Document Precedence . Telephone triage is a critical component of a successful demand-manage- ment system and is a necessary tool for managing risk. The triage nurse works to optimize clinician schedules and student access. endobj The disposition categories are the keystone of a telephone triage and advice systems. telephone triage guidelines Sep 29, 2020 Posted By Roger Hargreaves Media Publishing TEXT ID e270da8d Online PDF Ebook Epub Library 9780015143022 kostenloser versand fur alle bucher mit versand und verkauf duch amazon telephone triage is a critical component of a successful demand manage ment system and is a necessary tool for managing risk as hmos and capitated physician … H��T˒�:��C/��H+�d���W��k!�+�e"����Ӳ� n�,ny!���9���^�_q�6��8��x�����q�p�#��؋���P���"��x�z�o��n�h �:����d qÁ�%�Z!���[�I?z�R���!s�d���IH)��q?�1��}+�(�AX�j�7` 6 0 obj Accordingly, a formal telephone triage process should include policies and procedures that : • Ensure direct support professionals are empowered to call 911 whenever they feel there may be a life- threatening situation. Its purpose is multifold: to serve as a training and orientation guide for new employees, to serve as an ongoing reference for staff, and to serve as a risk management tool that lowers liability exposure in the office. MEDICAL RECORDS Medical Record Requirements and Standards This document was developed based on current data on COVID-19 and exp… Animal Triage Procedures Wyoming Department of Health Adapted from “Veterinary Disaster Triage: Making the Tough Decisions” by Wayne E. Wingfield, MS, DVM, Colorado State University Veterinary Triage Veterinary disaster triage begins with the assessment of: 1) The medical needs of the patient and 2) The medical resources available. <> stream If so, could you please share your policies and procedures. See Third Party Contact/Consultations Policy . endobj Palliative care. Medical Office Policy and Procedure Manual Company Name, Inc. 1234 Second Ave. San Diego, CA 92101, USA Tel: +1. endobj Physicians should also ensure that their staff members are fully complying with those procedures. Triage and referral protocols are based on sound clinical evidence and currently accepted industry practices, and are reviewed or revised annually, 3. MedPro Group internal data (2012-2016). The patient should be instructed to go to the emergency room as clinically indicated. 1.2 Key definitions For the purpose of the Policy Statement and this Procedures Document, the following definitions apply: Acuity: Acuity is a synonym for urgency, and they can be … Triage occurs anytime a patient and/or caregiver calls, walks in, or reports to a health care facility. ER - Emergency department triage policy 1. The purpose of this policy is to recognize the influx of calls providers are fielding and to allow patients to Some practices engage a telephone triage service because it can ensure that the nurses conducting the triage are functioning within the appropriate nursing scope of practice. PROCEDURE: A. Hospitals, Continuing Education On-Demand Programs (Free), Continuing Education Risk Courses (Fees Apply), Patient Safety & Risk Solutions Presentations (Free non-CE), Risk Management Mentor Program (Free non-CE), 2000.pdf, Properly document a call in a patient’s health record, Correctly assess the nature of urgency of the caller’s situation, Scrutinize the service as carefully as if it were in their own office, Review nurses’ scripts and protocols to determine whether they comply with acceptable standards and the physician’s own medical philosophy, Periodically pose as a caller and contact the service to monitor its efficiency and accuracy. It should be used to guide implementation of procedures at triage that can be effective at preventing transmission of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 virus) to patients and healthcare workers (HCWs). Additionally, clinical personnel who give telephone advice must receive training on the protocols and conduct themselves within their scope of practice, and they should have documented competence in telephone assessment. This document was developed based on current COVID-19 data and experience with other respiratory viruses and will be updated as more information becomes available. The necessity for such policies and procedures became apparent with the creation . © 2018 MedPro Group ®. PROCEDURE: A. b. endobj The policy of the Student Health Center is to see all students who present for care in as timely a manner as possible. Roles of Nurses in Telephone Triage - It was the advisory opinion of the Board that it is within the scope of registered nursing practice for the nurse to consult with a patient via telephone and provide telephone triage to the patient. Any medical advice given to a patient on the phone is legally deemed as medical practice; therefore, the supervising physician is responsible for all medical advice given from the practice — no matter which healthcare employee provides it. The policy of the Student Health Center is to see all students who present for care in as timely a manner as possible. This includes healthcare facilities providing either inpatient or outpatient services. Sample telephone communication procedure/policy(cont.) . MODELS OF TELEPHONE TRIAGE 20 . This telephone triage is a medical procedure that is currently not performed in a uniform manner due to lack of specific guidelines.1–3. The tool will require updates and modifications based on available resources and individual health care organizations' policies and procedures. The nursing coverage is dependent on the medical mission, custody level and maximum operating capacity. CORE 2b How it works: 1. HEALTH SERVICES POLICY & PROCEDURE MANUAL North Carolina Department Of Correction Division Of Prisons SECTION: Personnel POLICY # P-1 PAGE 1 of 3 ... Telephone Triage System. Since triage systems involve screening patient symptoms and providing subsequent clinical advice, registered nurses with the appropriate background, training, and clinical experience should perform telephone triage in healthcare practices. Schmitt-Thompson Clinical Content (STCC) Introduction • The Schmitt (pediatric) and Thompson (adult) telephone protocols are decision-support tools for telephone care providers (TCPs). Revised Date: _05/2006_____ Version 1.0. Nurse Triage Health problems aren’t restricted to a 9 to 5 workday. Retrieved from 2000.pdf. Policies in Office Procedure Manual Make user-friendly Physicians should also ensure that their staff members are fully complying with those procedures. (2013, September 1). Triage should be performed by the most educated and experienced people at the practice rather than the least experienced. This policy outlines BCBSVT payment for telephone or store-and-forward check-ins (also referred to as “telephone triage” services) on an emergency/temporary basis in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Telephone Triage is defined as “making good clinical decisions under conditions of uncertainty and urgency” (Patel). Evidence of training in telephone triage should be maintained for any healthcare employee that handles calls of an urgent nature. 5 0 obj This includes licensed medical personnel such as a CNM,NP, RN or PA. LVN’s cannot perform triage independently (MCPB letter 92-15). Telephone calls must be prioritized and routed appropriately so patients receive the proper medical attention. Product availability is based upon business and regulatory approval and may differ among companies. 8 0 obj : CPP_25. . After Hours Crisis Service and ProtoCall: After business hours, during weekends and on holidays, ProtoCall (an off-site privately contracted company) provides telephone crisis assessment, safety planning, and referrals for UCSC students. They should be regarded as a key element of the training provision for staff to help them to deliver their roles and responsibilities. patient’s call is transferred to scheduling, where staff should follow the policy and procedure for sched- uling an urgent care patient. HEALTH SERVICES POLICY & PROCEDURE MANUAL North Carolina Department Of Public Safety Prison Nurse calls patient back and directs patient to the appropriate level of care 3. This should be done in a timely fashion while meeting standard guidelines in order to prevent symptoms from worsening. These nurses should use written clinical protocols in performing telephone triage. z9 /���4�P/�TS;{T6�����e�v!�wz�4~�1�7vd�"#�IV5qI�%��`؍�b��4��R�C�N�3��h��� }ڕZڧ��ʪBseBX�ץl Document all telephone communications on a standard phone encounter form (to go into the patient’s health record) or on a template in the practice’s electronic health record system. In many states, the Nurse Practice Act requires that nurses use standardized protocols if they are providing telephone triage and giving advice. Triage Logic Nurse Triage on Call provides telephone nurse triage coverage for providers and their patients. 4 0 obj Following are some risk strategies when using a telephone triage service: Telephone triage does not replace medical care, but it’s a vital part of a healthcare practice because it involves screening of patient symptoms and providing clinical advice. /Font <> POLICY STATEMENT NSW Ministry of Health Policy Directive ‘Mental Health Triage… The necessity for such policies and procedures became apparent with the creation . In addition, a certified addiction medicine specialist may oversee decisions related to substance use disorder. <> Policies and training should support direct support professionals calling 911 without first seeking permission. All IPAs with centralized triage and referral of behavioral health services must have a process in place which includes the following: 1. These telephone protocols assist clinical employees in healthcare practices with the data collection, triage, decision-making, disposition selection, and advice-giving processes. These procedures should specify documentation required for telephone-based encounters.1. Communication and Patient Safety.

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