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solidfire element os

02 12 2020

Simplify and automate data management at scale. Element software enables an innovative, automated architecture that increases business and simplifies operations on a highly flexible and efficient cloud architecture. The right storage APIs enable you to automate down the stack. Only NetApp SolidFire combines these five elements for true storage agility. NetApp SolidFire SDKs enable hundreds of lines of code to be eliminated. Consolidate diverse, rapidly changing applications. Start your transformation by automating every aspect of storage. Metadata and block data rebalancing/reprotection occur independently and will trigger separately or together if needed. Standard tools and integrations coupled with ecosystem plugins make direct management seamless. Element OS lets you simply add new nodes into an established cluster. Solid Fire with Element OS SolidFire is a scale-out, clustered, all flash SAN, and no NAS support architecture. This eliminates errorprone manual tasks and troublesome scripting hacks— and builds an unrivaled foundation for scaled automation. And automate storage consumption so you can focus on moving the business forward. Element software makes your system agile through scale-out flexibility, and it provides predictable performance and automation integration so that you can build clouds to accelerate new services. Today, all-Flash storage vendor SolidFire announced the newest version of their array’s operating system, Element OS.In keeping with the “Element” theme, since this new OS version is the seventh generation of the OS, it is named “Nitrogen” — because Nitrogen is the seventh element … With the release of NetApp ® SolidFire ® Element ® OS 10.1, the NetApp Data Fabric becomes increasingly more powerful. See what's new in SolidFire Element OS 9, code named Fluorine. NetApp SolidFire offers innovative pricing options to meet the agility needs of businesses at scale. Element OS software delivers ironclad data assurance using a resilient, self-healing architecture that reduces operational overhead and risk. NetApp® NetApp SolidFire® Element® OS is the storage operating system for the next-generation data center, providing all the features you demand from primary storage—enterprise-grade reliability, all-flash performance, secure multitenancy, and more—in an innovative, automated architecture that delivers unmatched scalability with guaranteed predictable storage performance. Last year Solidfire Element Os had 0 security vulnerabilities published. Guaranteeing performance and simplified user experiences. The ability to integrate with PowerShell across Ultimate Software’s ecosystem today and meet the needs of its next generation data center make NetApp SolidFire the perfect fit. Guard against failures with built-in replication and seamless SnapMirror integration for cross-platform disaster recovery across the Data Fabric. Regardless of the SSD size, NAND type, or vendor/model, NetApp SolidFire’s system is built to simply consume it as additional capacity and performance. The key to making sure of the system performance needed in mixed workload environments is guaranteed storage quality of service (QoS), and Element OS delivers. From storage and services to the world’s most cutting-edge cloud solutions, NetApp can simplify your life and amplify your performance. Build your cloud infrastructure with agile software, enabling scale-out growth, predictable performance, and end-to-end automation.Consolidate diverse, rapidly changing applications. NetApp SolidFire’s architecture allows storage to be shaped and shifted based on individual needs. SSH into the mnode with […] Built-in real-time replication, consistent group Snapshot™ copies, and integration with VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) provide a comprehensive set of features that make sure of end-to-end system integrity. SolidFire Element OS. Differentiate your hosted and managed services to increase service and platform revenue. Once the connection is established, a redirector service passes the connection to the node which contains the primary metadata copy for the volume the host is requesting access for. You can add multiple products that you use with Solidfire Element Os to create your own personal software stack watcher. Reduce operational overhead and risk. Allocate and manage independent pools of performance and capacity for complete control of resource utilization. The newly added node will take on its portion of volumes to help evenly distribute load and capacity on the system.

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