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private parts podcast review

02 12 2020

Get ready to laugh team! Big Love Team, stay safe and well. We hear about life as a rockstar, staying grounded and ”getting swept up in the nu rave scene”. 🕺PLUS Francis Boulle challenges Russell Brand. Francis is away so Alex Mytton steps in. Frankie (freaking) Bridge! We look back at the first scenes and first MIC dates before Jamie catches Francis up on the latest news and Heartbreak to come out of SW3. Cricket Sporting Legend Jason Roy joins Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle in the studio for a chat about superstition, the Ashes, reaching your potential, mental health and trolling Danny Care. Francis Boulle asks Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo DEEP questions about their relationship. Sophie Habboo calls Jamie Laing out for lying, PLUS what’s going on in the bedroom!? PLUS, have you ever wondered what the trucks in Texas sound like? 178: Cool Like Beyoncé | Tom Grennan – Part 2. Watch the YouTube Video HERE, 134: Why is @DannyCare on the pitch… | Danny Care, England Rugby player Danny Care joins Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle in the studio to talk about that time Jamie trolled Danny on twitter, mental health and the boys open some mail. Boulle could easily break off as a successful solo comedian with that performance, but the chemistry between the two stars is, like Mel and Sue’s, cheesy and delightful. Donate to Australian Fires Emergency Funds: Here or Here, 147: How Big Is Your Cucumber | Tom Kerridge. This episode will make you laugh, it will make you think, it will make you slide into the DM’s. Review by feeblewhiskyboi ★★★½ Their reviews of the good, bad, and ugly are hilarious. Plus Francis wants to know about Jamies new dance partner, and will Jamie be sued by 50 Cent? Due to popular demand Tom Lucy is BACK, and he’s better than ever. Jamie is busy moving, so Francis takes the microphone for a VERY special (awkward) SPECIAL bonus episode. He sees the time on his clock, and sprints out of the house, jumps onto a canal boat, and makes his way to Southampton, all while still without clothes, of course. It’s a doggy dog world out there. Joel Dommett joins us to talk about animal sex, getting engaged and the difference between Jamie and Francis. | Carl Froch. Binky Felstead joins Jamie Laing in the studio to discover the truth behind the gossip. Comedian, Liverpudlian and friend of the show Adam Rowe joins us for a chat about muggings, police encounters and fake news! at university, Jamie runs on with a big blonde bush on his head and starts performing ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You’ to the elated standing ovation. The boys also take a moment to prank call Sophie Habboo. Hear about “SAS Who Dares Wins” and finding REAL PIRATE TREASURE! Woods & Ben Podcast: Private Parts Movie Review 00:37:10 Dave Jay recommended Private Parts to me not long after I signed up for Letterboxd (about a year and a half ago) and I was finally able to watch it today after much anticipation!! Presenter, Journalist, Author, Charitable Human and friend of the podcast VICK HOPE joins us on zoom! This episode is epic, enjoy! 🥋 It’s back to old school style with just the guys, and not to be missed! Is Ted Bundy really an ok guy? He began by telling us about a lady shouting ‘Rob’ at him from across the store. We have the heartthrob boy band New Hope Club in to chat to us about Black Holes, following Cody Simpson to the Bathroom and singing gets us in trouble. 149: What Makes You Happy? She tells us about her party trick, (see instagram) and we chat Hoff….David, Wim and Hayley. Plus Francis tells us about his time behind the wheel, Jamie shares an embarrassing moment from Strictly rehearsals and we look at the second lockdown in the UK. Plus intermittent fasting, hanging out with Bill Bailey and we read yout letters. Sheepishly stumbling onto the the dimmed stage like a lost puppy, 30-year-old Francis Boulle makes an embarrassing announcement to the audience: he hasn’t heard from Jamie so it looks as though he is going to have to complete the set on his own. Private Parts Unknown (the podcast formerly known as Reality Bytes) is a comedy-sex-travel podcast uncovering stories of love & sexuality around the world. Grace Grundy takes Jamie Laing down a peg or two. Joined by a celebrity guest each week, the chaps reveal the most intimate and sordid details of their lives. Fathers’ Day – Dare Daniel Podcast Episode 69 “You mirth machine, you.” This week, Daniel and Corky revive their long-running Lowell Ganz vs. Babaloo Mandel feud by reviewing the wretched Fathers’ Day.A film so sloppy that it was released on Mother’s Day weekend, Fathers’ Day bottoms even the most basement-level expectations. 122: Do the ghosts watch you have sex? Bonus Time Baby! Plus a stroll down memory lane and Francis invents a time machine. Listen and enjoy. The boys discuss upcoming guests and Francis promises to pull out all of the stops when it comes to recruitment. The boys record a LIVE podcast on Valentine's Day at Hooley's in Grossmont Center and take questions from the audience! Nothing was out of bounds in this outrageous performance: sexuality, drug use, downfalls of fame, necrophilia – and the audience lapped it up. See for details. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Presenter, Role Model, and author CHESSIE KING joins us for a chat about waxing, lying to your taxi driver and going to the BRITS. Why is Jamie trying to marry Francis? Have a listen to find out more. This week we find out why Spencer Matthews was cutting up poo, how Francis nearly died and if Jamie can use a hoover. 167: Body Like Baywatch, Face Like Crimewatch | James Haskell. PLUS Ross shares his secrets on how to push yourself further and why you can achieve anything. BONUS: Francis Loves Ecosexuals| John Lewis And PartnersÂ. We want to know. We hear about Jamie putting a glow stick up his own… plus motherhood, sharing a drunken kiss or two and filming Made in Chelsea. Private Parts Unknown (the podcast formerly known as Reality Bytes) is a comedy-sex-travel podcast uncovering stories of love & sexuality around the world. Jamie is feeling broody and enlists Francis’ help to decide on baby names for his future offspring. Maybe…. 126 likes. Catherine Bohart and Sarah Keyworth are BACK! I didn’t really think Private Parts was funny and I didn’t believe any of the “serious scenes”. We hear a VERY shocking story about Jamie’s grandmother, Francis questions some of Jamie’s life choices and we answer some of your questions. We hear about drinking with Heston Blumenthal, Serial Killers, and how to kill a fish. The host of This American Life, Ira Glass, is to podcasts what Beyoncé is to … Happy Friday Team! Is cello music cool? And as ever, enjoy, stay safe, stay well, and wash your hands! Despite the fact that the two young men aren’t in the same league as Ant and Dec, the targets of one of their later self-deprecating sketches, the Judge Rinder and Louis Theroux lookalikes used the talent and image they do have to their great advantage. ! Plus, can Noel Fielding dream of the future? This week’s episode is dedicated to you Private Parters! Who is the most dangerous man in prison? Thanks, Squad. We have a lovely little bonus episode for you today. 106: Katie Price’s Thick Skin – Rick Edwards. Movie Review. It’s old school with just Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle bringing the banter and “hairy” debate. Happy Wednesday! 121: Where Do Babies Come From? The return of the lost boi! Listen and enjoy x, Do Jamie and Francis believe the earth is flat? Jamie Laing is joined by the super inspirational SAS WHO DARES WINS presenter, author, Special Forces Instructor, Speaker and all around lovely guy Billy Billingham. Watch it here. Stand up comedian and all-around good guy Adam Rowe, joins us to talk about comedy, heckling and being true to you. Robin Quivers Mary McCormack. With Howard Stern, Mary McCormack, Robin Quivers, Fred Norris. Please tick box to allow us to use this data to keep you up to date with info (required), 193: Ask Jeremy Clarkson | Sonny Jay – Part 2. The Girls bathroom” join Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle in the studio for a chat about poo, kissing and being sick in a taxi. 183: Making Eye Contact | The Girls Bathroom – Part 1, 182: Strictly Come Dine With Me | Just The Two Of Us – Part 2. PLUS Francis makes predictions and Jamie bankrupts himself renting a house in the country. – Catherine Bohart & Sarah Keyworth. Watch the YouTube Video HERE, Love Island’s Lucie Donlan joins Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle in the studio for a chat about relationships, moving to Cornwall and flippers. The couple reveal EVERYTHING! 125:Just The Two Of Us | Jamie Laing & Francis BoulleÂ. Alex Mytton joins Jamie Laing for a chat about farting in bed, naming babies and a prank call to Sophie Habboo. What to binge right now View All. It is a BANGER of an episode. Listen and find out. Private Parts explores the concept of personal identity beautifully. PLUS we are gifted some CBD oil and Francis cracks it open…, 129: Pranking Sophie Habboo | Alex Mytton. – Iain Stirling. Is it all about the love? Video versions are also available on YouTube. We ask, who is going to place that bet? We hear about alternative careers, debate intelligence and read out our last text message. Is Sophie Habboo the most patient woman in the world? 103: What’s your porn name? Don’t tell Jamie. The boys are on the FINAL stretch of their marathon #WorldAIDsDay episode and the end is in sight! Comedian Dane Baptiste joins Jamie and Francis to chat bum vinegar and happiness as the lads open their FIRST EVER fan mail! And who is into feet? DJ and presenter Arielle Free joins the lad to chat raving in Germany, Harry Potter and being completely forgotten by Francis. Best friends Courtney Kocak & Sofiya Alexandra bring you along as they traipse from country to country exploring sex, relationships, dating & different types of food poisoning. On Friday, the reality-turned-comedy duo landed at the Nuffield Theatre in Southampton, ready to make an impression. With Jack presenting tonight’s Brits and Jamie hosting on the red carpet, we thought it was only right to rebroadcast the last time the lads were together, back in episode 82. Join them as they chat growing up in boarding school, their love of Proudlock and working out the groin muscle. It’s Bonus Time Baby! Alison Stern Fred Norris. Listen and Enjoy. Hang on team, this is an episode that hits close to the heart. Check out Tom’s new single here >, 178: Cool Like Beyoncé | Tom Grennan – Part 1. Media training be damned, we speak our truth. Comedian Lloyd Griffith comes in to set the record straight. Singer Becky Hill joins us in the studio for a very honest chat. Jamie tries on lipstick, Francis gets into bed and the boys end up on the roof. What kind of man does Joanne find attractive? Storyboard is a platform dedicated to sharing secure, private podcasts as in-house shows. Who is the best looking guy on Made In Chelsea? Who is the better singer? listen and find out. Francis spots an Alien, Jamie sh*ts himself in the bath and singer songwriter Gabrielle Aplin tells us about Jamie sliding into her DM’s. Weeks before we all went into lockdown Jamie Laing popped into the studio and found a SECRET LOVE LETTER written to Francis. PLUS we ask about “Pregnancy News”, What she has planned after lockdown and Francis teaches us how to poo in the woods. The real life superhero Ollie Ollerton joins Jamie in the studio to chat about pooing in cling film and the meaning of life. PLUS, Jamie’s diary tells us about an appearance on a classic TV show. In one ep, the duo reenact “mainstream moans"—you know the kind. It’s the infamous Tom Lucy!! Read More. Francis doesn’t like to dilly dally, so we race through your questions, covering everything from bedroom names to the meaning of life. The guys are feeling sentimental and take a walk down memory lane. Is it Wednesday? | RedHanded Podcast. The programme’s audience figures have gone from strength to strength over that time, and the positive reception led the two men to announce earlier this year that they were going on a twenty-date tour, plus booking three dates at the Edinburgh Fringe. We hear about failure, the podcast awards, abandonment, heartbreak, death threats and children. Overall, the use of space and technology was fantastic, the performance provided plenty of belly laughs, and Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle did a fantastic job at bringing Southampton some joy and fun. Have the guys ever had a fight? 141: Is Necrophilia A Crime? Stay safe, stay strong! Comedian Joe Lycett joins Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle in the studio for a HILARIOUS chat about killing dogs, welshmen and why it’s illegal to eat an orange in the bath while in California. Can you imagine carrying a toilet seat through a restaurant? Why was Grace horrible to Dua Lipa and what was it like hanging out with Tony Blair? 161: I Hugged Him While He Slept | Rhys James. 10/29/2020. Boulle assists Laing into some ill-fitting clothes, and the real show begins, and this lively opening scene sets the tone effectively for the rest of the two hour performance. 191: Saying Yes To Opportunity | Tom Lucy – Part 2, 191: Saying Yes To Opportunity | Tom Lucy – Part 1. We want to bring you along as we traipse from country to country exploring sex, relationships, dating, and different types of food poisoning! PLUS we ask George about his REAL name and hear an EXCLUSIVE! We are joined by DANI freaking DYER! We dive deep into conspiracy theories, the psychology of athletes and debate who would win a fight between Francis and Froch. Who is back? This is an extra special bonus episode! Comedian, filmmaker, activist and NEW author Grace Campbell joins Jamie for a very open and honest chat. We hear about Shame, Sex, Sperm(s) and STD’s. BONUS: Burning The Lobster| Merry Christmas. Presenter! We aren’t scared… you are! Why did Caggie flee Italy? Jamie Laing’s very lovely girlfriend Sophie Habboo joins us on the show. Go see him and check out his new book (we KNOW Jamie is a fan!). 181: Mystery Man | Caggie Dunlop – Part 2. Who is this mystery man?!? ‘I was never fun’, Francis responds, who continues to present a persona of fact-geek, telling us of his campaign to save the critically endangered pangolin. Happy Wednesday Team x, 179: Cleaning Toilets | Larry Dean – Part 2. “What would happen if I punched you in the face?” Comedian Larry Dean joins us for a chat about cleaning toilets, growing up in Glasgow and letting out your inner dialog. Plus a stroll down memory lane and Francis invents a time machine. Who is this mystery man?!? PLUS Matt tells us the secret to making people laugh and a story about his girlfriend that will make your toes curl. Listeners can access shows through the Storyboard iPhone and Android apps as well as through a web player after being whitelisted by an organization (through email invitations or Single Sign-On). – Tom Houghton. For 18 months, Made In Chelsea stars Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle have been co-hosting a podcast called Private Parts in which they ‘reveal the most intimate and sordid details of [their]lives’, including features from their diaries. They’re totally not linked. Kernel Rating: (0.5 out of 5) MPAA Rating: PG Length: 92 minutes. The boys from Made in Chelsea storm the comedy world with their hit UK tour, Private Parts Live. Get ready to giggle like a BEV. Yay. Join the Lost Boys as they reminisce about the golden days, chat bad investments and cringe over that Barbados trip… YEAH BABY! Just when we thought Howard Stern had run out of venues for controversy, the shock jock is at it again with Private Parts, a top-grossing film ($14.6 million opening weekend) chronicling his foul-mouthed rise to stardom.. There’s plenty to dislike about Private Parts. We hear about the old days filming Made In Chelsea together, Francis drops an EXCLUSIVE relationship update and the guys create their rapper names. In a time when we all want a bit of light relief, this is all about feeling good. Self Isolation won’t stop us! #AD. All we get here are actors whose lives and conversation are punctuated by no more wisdom than comments about perfuming private parts and penis size. This episode is Old School. PLUS battling receding hairlines and Sophie tells us about her symptoms. Why did Caggie flee Italy? Boulle decides she was probably not shouting at him, but at another man, ‘whose name was probably Rob’. STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING THIS INSTANT! We obviously had to call the secret admirer. This is the very FIRST remote record in Private Parts history! Comedian, Backgammon semi finalist, friend, father and Jamie’s school chum Ivo Graham joins us for a hilarious chat. Sexpert Alix Fox joins Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle in the studio to talk about all things – S. E. X. Jamie tells us about the terrifying sex toy he’s just bought, plus we hear about a fondness for glory holes, a foot fetish and a pretty penis is revealed. We ask Oli White about being a YouTuber, Mental Health and Friendship. Join them as they chat traumatising holidays, tyres and bees, of course. Boulle decides she was probably not shouting at him, but at another man, ‘whose name was probably Rob’. This episode is all about the gossip and feel good fun. TOWIE superstar, singer, actor and long time buddy Jess Wright joins us for a chat about breakdowns, lockdowns and showdowns. And listen to Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle bare their souls to the world and read their personal diaries out loud. Popstar QUEEN, podcaster, dancer, model, mother of 2 and wife to Wayne, it’s the one and only…. Things take a creepy turn this week as we chat all things True Crime with The Redhanded Podcast. Listen out for a brand new listener challenge set by Francis and we reveal the latest winner of an exclusive Private Parts mug. STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING! Join Jamie and Francis for a chat about cheating, jiu-jitsu, and giraffes. | Josh Roberts (The Anxious Man)Â. | Sophie Habboo – Part 1, Jamie has sex dreams, Francis is living his glory years and we learn about the link between the OC and MIC. Tour dates and live events have been changed. Jamie learns about KD Lang, Francis shares his top travel tips, and Jamie reveals where you can get the best chicken in London. Enjoy this REBROADCAST. Hosts Annie and Elaina, Sidekick Sarah, and Bartender Duncan. 🎄 MERRY CHRISTMAS!! How do you measure success? PLUS, self love, dignity, fame and a Too Hot To Handle EXCLUSIVE update. And this one is action packed. Oh, and he breaks some very exciting news to his mum which may or may not be true...More Private PartsExc... – Listen to REBROADCAST: It's All About The Feels | Sam Thompson - Part 2 by Private Parts instantly on your tablet, phone or browser - no downloads needed. 177: Never Argue With An Idiot | Katherine Ryan. Plus… he reveals what it was REALLY like hanging out with Caitlyn Jenner. One out of 3 of us isn’t wearing pants, can you guess who it is? Francis is away so Alex Mytton steps in. Plus we try out some fake accents and Jamie learns about TK Maxx. PLUS we turn to the stars for readings and a look at our destiny. RAYE! Private Parts is a podcast that unfastens social taboos. A HUGE thank you to GeekyBlinders for the trainers! This American Life. Plus Francis tells us about his MOST HATED crime show and Jamie shares his nightmares. More Private Parts Podcast Episodes:,, Donate to Australian Fires Emergency Funds, The best way to keep your private parts smelling OK is to take regular showers or baths, wash the outside of your vulva or penis with warm water and a little soap, and wear clean, dry underwear. DISCLAIMER: Part 1 of this episode contains discussion and experiences surrounding sexual consent. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. James shares his secrets to staying motivated, and made us laugh till our sides hurt. What is it like to live under armed guard? Who knew…. Plus; giving away a PS5, proposing on a boat, and Francis gets a bit flirty, but why was he naked? Jess bears all about life on and off screen. Why didn’t Tom vote for Jamie and Francis answers your questions. Are there dinosaurs in heaven? Billy is going on tour! 142: Why Is Your Show Called Private Parts? 113: Pooing in cling film with – Ollie Ollerton. Geordie Shore and I’m a Celebrity’s Vicky Pattison joins Jamie and Francis to chat about being unlucky in love, getting drunk on TV and Mental Health. A robbery, an explicit story about Truffles the dog and more stories about his Dad.

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