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house style guide examples

02 12 2020

Setting the tone of your visuals from the … The two major guides for periodicals are the Associated Press Stylebook and the Chicago Manual of Style. A house style guide outlines how an organization’s internal and external documents should be written. House Style Guide iv 2.1.1 Key Citation Rules ..... 31 2.1.2. Use 12 noon rather than 12 pm where possible to avoid confusion. However, if the advice given differs for print material, it is noted in an alert box below the entry. And of course, it discusses the benefits of using one. A style manual is where you start with your style … Delve in and learn to highlight the details that give a home character, history, and romance. Thank you for visiting my site! Below are some examples of the style guides I put together for my branding clients. And of course, it discusses the benefits of using one. There’s no reason to bloat your guide with information you’re not actually going to use. Some organizations believe that adding a possessive apostrophe s to their name (e.g., GiantCo’s) weakens brand identity. For more information about the print house style, please contact the publications team at A style guide also can be a way to foster content authenticity by containing instructions for all parties creating content for your company. Make every word matter. Colonial. Learn how your comment data is processed. If you’re new to house style guides, be sure to check out my related post “What Are the Benefits of a House Style Guide?” That post defines house style guides and shares three things to do before creating your own. Enter your email address to receive notifications of new posts. You may also want to hire a freelance editor to evaluate your existing material. This article is for organizations outside of the publishing industry who can benefit from the introduction of a style guide.A style guide is a reference point that sets standards for writing documents within your organization. Hello! Indicate where members of your organization can find these resources if they aren’t readily available on the office bookshelf. Craftsman. When not a full hour, the hour and minute should be separated by a colon, not a full stop, eg 4:30 pm, not 4.30 pm. Why and how to craft an in-house style guide. The ValleyView Style Guide is a guide for individuals and departments preparing documentation for internal and external purposes consistent with the ValleyView corporate style. Further Reading: Which Dictionary Is Best for You? The following items have changed in the HT 2016 edition: how to refer to page and line numbers (p3) capitalisation examples for names of courses/subjects (p4) further examples of … 1. House style guides cover writing and formatting such as word choice, tone, specific grammar and punctuation issues, and product name formatting. A house style can be simply defined as the set of rules or standards for the writing and designing of documents that are observed by the editorial and printing staff of a media organization. Before its successor, which was the Colonial Revival of the 1930s to 50s, the Cape Cod … In this webinar, you'll learn how a house style guide makes the publication process easier, think about what to include and how to illustrate the content with examples, find out the steps for creating and updating a guide, and discover ways of encouraging everyone to use (and contribute to) the guide If you write about computer technology, this guide is for you. Times should be written as 4 am, 11 pm, etc. Welcome to the Microsoft Writing Style Guide, your guide to writing style and terminology for all communication—whether an app, a website, or a white paper. So, try to accompany each style guideline with an example (or three) that represents your organization’s typical content. Are they capitalized every time the name is written? The New Yorker, April 29, 2013) Some organizations include formatting information such as preferred fonts and font sizes, margin widths, page numbering, and heading capitalization. However, you may want to cover specific issues that can cause conflict between employees (such as the serial comma) or reveal inconsistencies in your content (such as the punctuation of bulleted lists). REALTOR® Magazine has compiled a convenient compendium of common styles. If you’re new to house style guides, be sure to check out my related post “What Are the Benefits of a House Style Guide? Again, speak with your legal advisor to see if your organization should mandate specific words. Contemporary. A rationale for … Rephrasing can occasionally sound awkward or pretentious, so a total ban on the apostrophe s may be counterproductive. ), Further Reading: How to Hire an Editor, Part 1: Where to Find an Editor, 2 Comments Filed Under: Writing Tagged With: business editing, business writing, dictionaries, style guides. Structural elements. Further Reading: When to Capitalize Product Names. In this section, clearly show examples of how your company’s logo should look in all types of situations from color to black & white to print ads to menus to business cards to t-shirts to anything where the company’s logo can appear. Avoid hyphens and en … Examples and Observations "House style is not a reference to the canard that an entire magazine can be made to sound as if it were written by one writer. If your product manual is more formal than your corporate blog, consider creating a separate section or individual guide for each platform, although the core styles should remain consistent. Topics are listed in alphabetical order. All Rights Reserved. Note: This Style Guide does not apply to ValleyView’s specialised publishing function. House style is a mechanical application of things like spelling and italics." As mentioned above, style guides are customizable. I am a professional freelance copy editor specializing in business, research, and technical content. Every organization should have documented guidelines for writers and editors for all content. (For example, the founder of a publishing company I freelance for prefers some British American spellings, such as acknowledgements and grey, so those appear in the word list of his company’s house style guide.) Imagine being handed hundreds of papers with scribbled notes from university professors and being tasked with organizing them, editing them, and setting them to type.No thanks.This is the way that some printing houses in the late 1800s created documents and books. Shopify. I have begun work as a copy editor for a new university in Vietnam and came across your website. Decide what sections you think your style guide needs. 2. Gain a different perspective by looking at your competition’s publicly available content. Most industries have their own technical terms, abbreviations, and acronyms. Start off with: A written overview of the company it's for. Should numbers appear as numerals or as words? Your email address will not be published. Fonts are a large part of any collateral you produce, … Are all words in the product name capitalized? This style guide is intended to help those writing and editing for Ofsted. It is intended to supplement conventional style guides which don't take translation issues or the needs of non-native speakers into account." What about slang or text abbreviations? Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this website’s owner is strictly prohibited. Color palette with Hex numbers. Three Tips for Starting a Sentence with a Number, Five Tips for Using Contractions in Business Writing, How to Hire an Editor, Part 1: Where to Find an Editor, How to Add and Format Text in PDFs with Adobe Acrobat, How to Create External Hyperlinks in Microsoft Word, How to Create a Citation with Multiple Sources in Microsoft Word, How to Add Headers and Footers to PDFs in Adobe Acrobat, How to Create Custom Bullets in Microsoft Word. The haphazard nature of this process eventually led to the formation of style guidelines because some semblance of order was needed. A set of standards for a specific organization is often known as "house style". ” That post defines house style guides and shares three things to do before creating your own. The guidelines in a style guide help writers to produce documentation that has the same tone and grammatical style, regardless of … SHARE. Will you refer to customers directly (i.e., you, yours) or indirectly (e.g., the customer, the client, the stakeholder)? Podia copy style guide. If you have a lot of formatting styles, consider creating a separate guide for that purpose with example templates. 4." At the end of this post, you’ll find three bonus tips for writing a successful house style guide. A style guide saves documentarians time and trouble by providing a single reference for writing about common topics, features, and more. List the primary style guide and dictionary that augments your organization’s house style guide. The guide is consistent for both web and print communications. Before you jump into the list, I’d like to share an important disclaimer: Your house style guide should be an expression of your business writing goals, strategies, and yes, style. with a space before the 'pm', rather than 16:00 or 23:00. These rules apply to the way words are spelled, graphic design, formatting, typography, etc. This article addresses why your organization needs a style guide, details what to include in your style guide, and gives examples of top-notch style guides to ensure streamlined external communications. General punctuation issues usually don’t need to be included in house style guides. Cape Cod. Include essential elements. Consider including a list that shows the spelling and capitalization of this type of “insider” language. Art Deco. Residental Styles. A style guide, or style manual, is a set of standards for the writing and design of documents, either for general use or for a specific publication, organization or field.The implementation of a style guide provides uniformity in style and formatting within a document and across multiple documents. In publishing and media companies, use of a style guide is the norm. Welcome. Further Reading: Three Tips for Starting a Sentence with a Number. It is often called a style sheet, although that term also has other meanings.The standards can be applied either for general use, or be required usage for an individual publication, a particular organization, or … Here is a list of ten example topics you may want to include in your organization’s house style guide. For legal, marketing, or branding purposes, some organizations also have a list of mandatory words or phrases that must be used to describe a product or service. You may even want to turn the list into a glossary with definitions for new employees. If necessary, speak with your legal advisor to see if your organization needs to prohibit specific words. Thankfully, there’s no need to memorize complicated architectural terminology. I appreciate your kind words. Changes to Hilary term 2016 edition. Here are three more tips for getting the most out of your guide. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Cape Cod. Write clear headings for each of these sections, and establish a well-thought-out order for the sections. Are contractions (e.g., it’s, we’ll, you’re) okay? Your guide doesn’t need to cover every conceivable writing and spelling issue—because the writing world’s primary style guides and dictionaries have already done that. Beyond promoting consistency, it can help keep your people from misrepresenting the brand. For example, a shoe manufacturer may decide to refer to its products as running shoes rather than tennis shoes. Also show examples of incorrect uses of the logo, like an obviously stretched logo and a logo with … 4. With that in mind, let’s get to the list…. For example, if you’re a team leader who spends too much time editing colleagues’ documents and emails before you’re happy with them, a style guide can help. For example, the sentence “GiantCo’s profits increased by 73 percent” is rephrased as “GiantCo saw a 73 percent increase in profits.”. What you need to include. Your email address will not be published. Why you need a brand style guide. (The Editorial Freelancers Association and the American Copy Editors Society are both great places to find freelance editors. IE users, please download. Primary and secondary fonts. Will there be separate rules for single and multiple digits? Further Reading: Five Tips for Using Contractions in Business Writing. This can show you what works—and what doesn’t. Real-world examples make guidelines easier to understand and remember. Therefore, it should be customized to your needs. Every house has a style. 3. Most major commercial publications base their styles on either one or the other, often with well-defined exceptions. A lot of journals lay out their style-sheet somewhere in the back. Create a compelling title page for your brand guidelines. House Style Guide – Summary for Authors Abbreviations Unless you are using Standard International (SI) units or chemical symbols, abbreviations should be spelled out in full at first use in each chapter with the abbreviation given in parentheses. Internet Explorer does not currently support REALTOR® Magazine search. Thank you for this information on creating a in house style guide. A style guide or manual of style is a set of standards for the writing, formatting and design of documents. This architecture style was popular in the 1920s and 1930s and continues to be a mainstay in suburbs across the United States. Sometimes it has two or more; because of renovations and new, eclectic mixes, fitting a home into one specific category can be daunting or even impossible. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Erin Wright with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. What about symbols associated with numbers, such as the percent sign? AMD. Required fields are marked *. Fresh eyes can offer a clear, unbiased analysis of current progress and future needs. At the very least you need to include these three things on your sheet: Your logo. What is meant by house-style? Creole. © Erin Wright, 2012–2020. Another web-first style guide, Shopify’s is fully integrated with their proprietary product … Further Reading: How to Write Vertical Lists. However, style guides can also be useful for any organization that prepares documents for clients and the public. What Are the Benefits of a House Style Guide? Create clear sections and headings. By Erika Heald Oct. 20, 2016. Preface, "The Global English Style Guide: Writing Clear, Translatable Documentation for a Global Market" "As its title suggests, ['The Global English Style Guide'] is a style guide. For instance, you may want sections on common mistakes, your organization's stylistic choices, tone, formatting, and preferred words and acronyms. It’s important for a brand’s identity (it’s exact look) to be visually consistent everywhere people see it.

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