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02 12 2020

Law departments need clear guidelines about when business units “should” call legal, when they “may” call legal and when they “need not” call legal. Ten Things – What Should In-House Counsel Do During Trial? She should actively monitor the company's compliance with relevant laws, implementing policies to maintain and check on compliance and keeping her finger on the pulse of the company's health. You can divide these objectives into three areas of focus: Career development. Fully utilize HR tools for the review and career development process. Stay trained and up-to-date in your area or expand skillset, Engage in team charitable event(s) and develop potential pro bono program, Find ways to maintain or reduce hourly effective rate for outside legal services, Increase utilization of “niche law firms” by 15% of total spend (do not be wedded to any firm for any type of matter), Use joint cost-sharing agreements and alternative billing arrangements where it makes sense, Give clear instructions to outside counsel on every matter re spending limits/work product expectation, Forecast legal spend accurately. Create and distribute “feedback” form to clients re each attorney. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! (If you find this blog useful, please pass along to colleagues or friends. One of the more daunting tasks (whether you are general counsel or not) is setting useful goals for the upcoming year. The BetterWorks OKR Examples LEGAL 2. It’s also provides a sense for how legal departments plan to achieve those goals – which includes findings mirrored in other studies (i.e. An in-house attorney should spend time reviewing the company's history, reading its annual reports and proxy statements, reviewing Securities and Exchange Commission filings for the last two years, and thoroughly understanding all products and services the company has offered over the last two years, recommends the Association of Corporate Counsel. That said, setting goals for the department or yourself is important and a fresh opportunity to take stock of many things. This includes studying the company's key markets, reading the company's business plan and understanding the organizational hierarchy. Ten Things – What Should In-House Counsel Do During Trial? He should alert the CEO if any elements of the company's goals could break any laws. Rigid silos are being replaced by more fluid structures. OKRs + SMART Goals for Law Firms Goal setting for entrepreneurial law firms and attorneys Oct 16, 2018 . Every team member should identify three things for the year they did to meet this goal, e.g., better meetings, eliminating costs, etc. This is a strategy that is forced upon them due to time pressure, budget constraints and lack of understanding in how to best structure the legal department. What goes on in the company, how information flows and how decisions are made may not be immediately obvious and are heavily influenced by the company’s history and culture. And, there will be a payoff for you and your team if done properly and with some enthusiasm. CORE VALUES We believe in the bedrock principle of the rule of law, and the primary guiding role that principle plays in the operation of this Department. Reality set in at my first in-house position, during the height of an industry slump. that allows an organization to achieve its objectives. Many corporate law departments set performance objectives for in-house lawyers, and many people do this poorly. It begins with the legal department investing the time to better understand the company’s business strategy and objectives. The key is that everyone is rowing in the same direction under the Big Five. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Respond to any email or phone call within 24 hours (even if just to acknowledge receipt), Everyone “act like an owner” – solve problems as they arise and be able to give several examples, Share knowledge – with team, with department, with company (develop ways to do this regularly) be able to give examples. He shouldn't be seen as putting up barriers to advancement, but as finding solutions with as few trouble spots as possible. Making this a top goal will help the in-house attorney do her job as well as possible. Cost certainties and return on investment are key issues for corporate law departments… An important goal of an in-house attorney is to have a proactive focus on constantly striving to stay updated on changes in the law and finding new ways to mitigate risks for the company. How To Run Your In-House Legal Department Like a Profit Center SUSAN M. DIEHL Senior Vice President, Logistics and Supply Chain, Holcim Ltd Introduction I have always had a love of business, even when I knew I wanted to be a lawyer. [work with business to build the list and add to as year goes on], Win/Settle key litigation/regulatory matters within or better than parameters set by client [create list of same], Make compliance easy and second nature for our employees – update all training materials and review/update policies, Update all data privacy policies and training, Present on legal topics to company employees on relevant topics designed to reduce risk or help employees be better users of legal services, Review and update policies and training around trade secrets, Take action on legislation important/harmful to company, ”Win” on regulatory initiatives important to the company (e.g., patent reform), Assist company with new market entry/development (via government relations, legal actions, etc. Corporate legal teams need to focus on establishing goals and measuring outputs not inputs if they are to successfully align their operations with their companies’ overall business objectives. ( Log Out /  Create a 5-year technology plan for the legal department to increase efficiency and lowers costs. The beginning of any calendar year is always busy with key administrative tasks for an in-house legal department. I serve on several advisory boards and board of directors, have written several books, and consult with corporations and law firms. The aim of an alignment process is to have a better match between the objectives, goals and targets of the legal team and the wider divisional/organisational objectives. One of the more daunting tasks (whether you are general counsel or not) is setting useful goals for the upcoming year. This means that, since he won't be able to point to revenue to prove his usefulness, the in-house attorney must be a savvy businessman who can consistently show the CEO he's adding value to the company. Almost 25 years of in-house legal experience as General Counsel, Corporate Secretary, and Chief Compliance officer of Marketo, Inc., Sabre Corporation (NASDAQ: SABR) & “Any Company Inc.” Legal Department 2015 Goals. My Big Five were: These five themes allowed me and everyone to develop precise goals underneath each item. Understanding Cost Certainties and Return on Investment.

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