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importance of human resource management in hospitals

02 12 2020

Relationship between health system inputs, budget elements and expenditure categories. Imagine starting a new job in a hospital and never really knowing... Training healthcare team online. This leads to a domino effect, in that those in such dire situations look for areas where they may be able to find more satisfactory and less demanding working conditions [31]. Furthermore, the degree of competition between physicians is very high in Germany and this could lead to a reduction in physician earnings. There are several issues that physicians face in the German health care system. CAS  How Does Germany Compare. An insured patient would select from the range of services and providers that his/her policy covers and approves. Geographical factors such as climate or topography influence the ability to deliver health services; the cultural and political values of a particular nation can also affect the demand and supply of human resources for health [3]. Some of the issues regarding the Canadian public system of health have been identified in the Mazankowski Report, which was initiated by Alberta's Premier Ralph Klein in 2000. Thus we can see the various roles played by these five groups and how they work together to form the Canadian health care system. HR managers rely on reports from department heads, historical counts according to seasonal changes, as well as current patient needs. It is also useful to examine the demographic characteristics of those Americans more likely to receive substandard care. Increased importance of human resource management is associated with health care organizational activities and operation. Table 2 summarizes some of the implications for health care professionals with regard to the five main issues raised in the article. Correspondence to This case makes obvious the important roles that human resources management can play in orchestrating organizational change. However, the goal of this teamwork should not be to displace one health care provider with another, but rather to look at the unique skills each one brings to the team and to coordinate the deployment of these skills. et al. Hospitals in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) face major workforce challenges while having to deal with extraordinary high burdens of disease. Compared to the United States, Canada and developing countries, Germany is in a special situation, given its surplus of trained physicians. Design recruitment and training: They are significant because they cull the right … Our research and analysis have indicated that several key questions must be addressed and that human resources management can and must play an essential role in health care sector reform. Therefore, human resources professionals will also need to have an understanding not only of the HR area, but of all areas of an organization, including strategy, finance, operations, etc. Another case study that illustrates the importance of human resources management to the health care system is that of The University of Nebraska Medical Center in 1995. The same situation can be found in other countries, such as Bangladesh, where almost one third of the available health personnel are employed "in four metropolitan districts where less than 15% of the population lives" [30]. The International Journal for Equity in Health (2003) suggested that those who work in the health care profession tend to migrate to areas that are more densely populated and where their services may be better compensated. Solutions to health care issues are not just medical in nature. What is Human Resource Management (HRM)? International Journal for Equity in Health. News Medical Life. One of the most contentious, for example, is the possibility of introducing a two-tier medical system. A practitioner without adequate tools is as inefficient as having the tools without the practitioner. It is estimated that approximately 0.2% of the population does not have health care insurance [21]. Developed countries attract internationally trained medical professionals for many reasons. Health care professionals look to areas that will provide their families with an abundance of amenities, including schools for their children, safe neighborhoods and relatives in close proximity. It is also remarkable that health spending per capita in Germany (USD 2996) [23] amounted to about half of health spending per capita in the United States (USD 5635) [24], and slightly less than Canada's health spending (USD 3003) [25]. CAS  Organizational effectiveness. In a 1999 poll, 49.9% of respondents said they were very or fairly satisfied with their health care system, while 47.7% replied they were very or fairly dissatisfied with it [28]. Socio-demographic elements such as age distribution of the population also play a key role in a country's health care system. To begin with, "political factors, concerns for security, domestic birth rates, the state of the economy and war (both at home and abroad)" [26] influence the number of people that will be allowed or recruited into a country. This article describes the 7 Human Resource best practices, from hiring and training to offering job security and the creation of an open culture in which people can share knowledge and ideas. Cite this article. If one meets the academic requirements in Germany, the possibility to study medicine is legally guaranteed [26]. For example, in the 2003 Health Care Renewal Accord, the federal government provided provinces and territories with a three-year CAD 1.5 billion Diagnostic/Medical Equipment Fund. While examining health care systems in various countries, we have found significant differences pertaining to human resources management and health care practices. Human Resource policies, procedures, and practices build and support the culture. There are many ways and reasons in which human resources and human resource management are of a great importance to any company that has employees. This function present in any management helps … The roles of nurses consist of providing care to individuals, groups, families, communities and populations in a variety of settings. The role played by human resources within an organization They deliver publicly-funded care to Canadian citizens. The role played by human resources … It is informative to examine case studies in which human resources professionals have enacted positive change in a health care setting. Through imposing greater restrictive admissions criteria for medical schools in Germany, they can reduce the number of physicians trained. World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe: Highlights on Health. Stefane M Kabene. 2006; 4(20). Terms and Conditions, These include: rapidly escalating health care costs, a large and growing number of Americans without health coverage and an epidemic of substandard care [15]. They understand how communities of practice can form around common goals and interests, and the importance of aligning these to the goals and interests of the organization. Article  Additionally, in "the wealthier, northern part of the country, infant mortality is 20/1000 as compared to more than 50/1000 in the poorer southern states" [31]. A climate survey was conducted in the organization; it became the goal of the human resources professionals to empower employees to be more creative and innovative [19]. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Human Resources Management in Health Care More and more attention is being concentrated on human resources management (HRM) within many healthcare systems globally. Examining case studies makes it evident that human resources management can and does play an essential role in the health care system. • The benefits of a HR department have gradually gained recognition in health care, owing to such challenges as economic instabilities, health care regulations and a dearth of experienced … 2000, [], World Health Organization: World Health Report 2003: Shaping the Future.

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