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calèche hermès perfume

02 12 2020

So classy! What it is : A scent composed by Guy Robert in 1961 that is the first women's fragrance from Hermès. Kerosene, naphtha, awful! In attempting to determine why KELLY CALECHE was not just called KELLY, since it has nothing whatsoever to do with CALECHE, I decided to avail myself of this opportunity to spritz some of the great classic on and to finally write my review of CALECHE, one of my favorite perfumes and the soapiest of the floral aldehydes in my collection. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. emphasized by the nobility of iris. I feel like I should be wearing an intimidating business suit when I wear it. It is a delightful floral, with gardenia and iris oakmoss and sandalwood, which combine to give it a mystery and elusiveness.I picture a woman of charm and mystery wearing this, alluring without being too obvious. It gives a nod to two emblems of the house, and translates the perfumer’s tactile … I love it and I want it so much. Maybe it doesn't blend well with my chemistry and is nice to others. It is the ultimate clean I have ever encountered besides Chloe. Also, there seems to be much less spice overall, and when you get to the bottom, the scent gives the impression of sawdust. It was much too formal and classical for me at that time. 45: $259.99 $ 259. I adore this but find it hard to say why. want. Caleche is a classic perfume, it's well made and certainly not cheap, this newer bottle is my second bottle which is surprising to me because I hardly replace a perfume after I am done using it. As time goes by, the scent of gardenia seems to wear off, and the scent gets more and more lemony, now acquiring a character of its own. I am not very fond of aldehydes but could't resist when I saw this on's like traveling in time. Hermès Calèche is one. Rouge smells old world and classy but there are no mothballs. Somewhat cold and distant, even though I love warm fragrances, but also like intangibility of this magical fragrance. "... with all my respect to Hermes and to those, who like this perfume, I have to admit that for me it smells "an old lady's bag"...". oz.) Shipping i actually find no.5 on a less seriously, bubbly side compared to this sophisticated piece of art. I want to buy this perfume, but I'm not sure if I should get the EDT or the EDP version.. What's the difference? And now that I am so much older, I also like reflecting on the kindness of my old friend, because I realize how important kindnesses are. Very much tamer and somewhat more organic than the two former. The box is FACTORY SEALED with cellophane (mica). If you can wear this perfume great! Caleche base is oakmoss, while Gold base is spices and musk. The elegance of vetiver, matched with jasmine, rose and iris.Olfactory emotion: Warm, SensualMain raw materials: Aldehyde, Jasmine, RoseMade in France. (Actually, I think this would smell quite interesting on a man). Out of the older perfumes out there, Caleche Hermes is one of my favorite. Clean, fresh, classy. It lasts reasonably well on the skin but for the most part is a skin scent it doesn't project much probably because it's really watered down. More for assured women. Years went by, I became a soap and water gal again (tho nicer soaps) as I was too strapped for cash raising a family. Score! It's not for me! The EDP is much better and carries much more depth. elgab89 thanks for your comments. Now Caleche is not completely identical, but it's damn close to the scent of my favorite powder. It does not conjure up visions of walking in the Bois de Bologne but of a baby. I touch Caleche on my neck and wrist again. This is a very classy scent for day wear! Yes, it's a bit rough and reminds me at times of old Estee Lauders. This was my first real perfume in the early 1970s. Very classy. Yes, this does smell like money. Eau de Toilette, 3.3-oz. Not all the stores have yet the new version so look for the earlier: frosted bottle, transparent plastic cap with golden ring packed in a yellow box. Click & Collect. ... A joyful and feminine fragrance inspired by leather with a Sheer floral scent sparkling and delicate Top notes of lily of the valley rose narcissus and iris. VERY feminine. I typically go for sweeter scents, gourmands especially, but this is just such a timeless, elegant, luxurious scent that I can't help but love it. i love dry perfumes. I have the lotion and EDP. Then taking the whole bag and putting it on my face. I dont think it smells like Chanel no.5. From "french whore" to "baby " (???). Soapy, woody and leathery maybe, aldehydic just for a whiff and towards the end again. Kelly Caleche by Hermes For Women. Big aldehyde opening with Caleche, sadly on the sour side. Free shipping and returns on Hermès Kelly Calèche - Eau de parfum at It has led me on so many heavenly perfume journeys. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. I agree there is a slight leather note also. Maybe not. Not the sexy, earthy type of gal, but one who wears wispy scarves and floaty dresses. $162.00 more like this. If you love the scent of mossy forests you are gonna love the drydown of this scent. Also, Caléche is not powdery, like Rive Gauche and unlike Madame rochas, which is very very powdery. The unique olfactory signature and true style of the Hermès heritage to enhance expression and innovation in the present. nice. I love chypres, and I welcome strong perfumes. Although it was made in 1961 it doesn’t smell dated at all. It was curiosity /which doesn't kill the cat/ how it will be now on my skin-I had to try. Because of it, it feels much less feminine than Madame Rochas or Rive Gauche and aslo more common. Remember Maggie on Northern Exposure? Unfortunationally I could´nt find the body lotion for years, but visiting Stockholm´s NK Hermes boutique just this week I noticed they have it. I couldn't take it after a few hours anymore, so I washed it off. Warm mossy dry woods round out the scent, and I can't help thinking this is one of the truest chypres I've smelled thus far. Well, I guess now I'm glad I did! I agree with Truffles about the EDT, weak and a little metallic, but yes, there's an EDP and it is lovely and longlasting, much more aldehydic than the EDT...not remiscent of No.5 actually, other than a small hint. They have never worked with my body chemistry. I was instantly struck just from sniffing at the bottle. Makes me think of uptight people. "More than perfume", more than precious, extrait de parfum is the ultimate in perfume: the most intense vibration, acaptivating personality, a lingering sillage with lasting presence. Happy hunting. • By card: Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, Diners Club®, JCB® and China Union Pay® Free postage. This version is a little rough around the edges. I know the culprit, it is the aldehydes. Anyway, if you like it, buy it - if you are lucky to still find it in the old formula, because soon it will disappear like some other exceptional ones and soon we'll be left with the ones that give headaches to yourselves and the ones around us. this was a pleasent surprise as i didn't expect to like this at all on first sniff. To have worn this in the pure parfum concentration decades ago was absolute luxury, a contentment also found in the original 'First' by Van Cleef & Arpels and of course as mentioned previously the 'au courant' and innovative Chanel 19. Timeless. $165.46 - $256.12. Piguet Baghari is really similar and to my nose a whole lot more interesting. They all have a common feel though, and one must include in the group also Calandre, closest to Madame Rochas and very powdery as well. It feels like me and who I have become. It really reminded me of my grandmother's rest home. Fragrance story : It is a very feminine woody, chypre floral, whose name refers to the horse-drawn carriages that are emblematic to the house. The EDP is so great! Then it transitions to a beautiful, elegant rose musk that persists until the following day both on my skin and on my clothing. love. I used to love this and it was my signature scent in 80's. Little touch. Very luxe. I have had people run down halls to track me down! This was a "scrubber" for me. Caleche is a glorious soapy aldehyde floral, which in its glorious vintage form (I own a late 70’s edt) shares similarities to the more joyous Madame Rochas. $69.99 Well, on my skin it smells almost exactly like Chanel No.5, which isn't a bad thing, but I guess I was expecting something different. I smelled it recently, and didn't like it at all! It's a complex scent, qualty, no doubt, but it does not speak to me at all. • By PayPal®, Returns and exchanges  It's lovely and ladylike and pretty, but to my nose it's a bit boring. I've never worn a perfume that created that reaction other than Oscar de la Renta, which I used to love, but it seems to smell different these days...maybe it's just me. Once it settled down, quite frankly, it smelled like a baby’s nursery. Theoretically speaking, Caleche is changed a lot since the editions in the 1980's. I can't really see a teenager wear this, but I can see a tasteful twenty-something and beyond wearing this beauty. Top notes are Grapefruit, Narcissus and Lily-of-the-Valley; middle notes are Rose, Mimosa and Tuberose; base notes are Leather and iris. It's nice but it lacked the warmth that No. Shop For Kelly Caleche Perfume. The majority will describe it as soapy or powdery/makeup-y, but it's so much more than that. Not cheap or trashy like so many of today's new scents. To my mind, this is the Grace Kelly of perfumes: beautiful and refined. Caleche was my signature scent for several years in the 1970s. It was one of my first big girl perfumes. Caleche is like a greener, sharper, drier, more masculine version of Chanel No. Excellent sillage, not in your face, floating in the background. Released in 2007, Kelly Calèche was meant to be the first feminine leather fragrance in the Hermès collection. A highly feminine, woody, chypre floral, its name refers to the horse-drawn carriages that are emblematic of the house. Your purchases are delivered in an orange box tied with a Bolduc ribbon, with the exception of fragrances, makeup and beauty products, books, certain equestrian and bulky items. I can understand the references to Chanel No.5, but Caleche seems more like a second cousin rather than a direct relative. Loved it from first sniff by my inexperienced nose, I was speechless and converted. Nearly forgotten in its original formula, Caleche was once the scent of the regency and its wannabes. Luca Turin described it as a 'wan' aldehydic and I'm afraid that I completely agree. I was born in an era where aldehydes are not appreciated. No crashing from top to middle to base. Church, white lace and brown leather shoes. This is my signature elegant perfume for formal occasions. Overall, very very good, and to me the best Hermes scent. I don't think it smells old fashion at all. Wonderful perfume! This is a great winter/spring daytime scent. Picture a 19 year old who was in college and strapped for cash, doing all kinds of odd jobs, who was a total soap and water kind of gal, and then bingo I was given this by my older neighbor and friend. The many product ranges are must-haves in the world of perfumes. A highly feminine, woody, chypre floral, its name refers to the horse-drawn carriages that are emblematic of the house. Elegant, yet still a little brash, sensitive yet still strong, spritual but still carnal. Caleche is a lovely perfume for work, very smart and a little bit posh. A musky, leathery, animalic note lingers in the background and grows more apparent as Caleche dries, keeping the florals from going too powdery or sharp. Don't care they call it is feminine - it is sharp and strong, uncanny. It was very sophisticated and elegant, never to be forgotten. 5. Idylle's sillage is very high (sometimes disturbs me), and when I smelled Caleche from my wrist, I think what I got was a mixture of the both. I would describe Hermes Caleche as the scent of Ma Griffe perfume and a vintage Coty Airspun face powder, tossed about in a new calfskin handbag. Hermes Caleche Soie de Parfum Spray Perfume for Women - (UNBOXED) Size: (3.3 fl. Very wearable. I could not bear it. This perfume was one of my first expensive perfume buys. While I I remember the big blowsy 90's power frags, and even bought some with my pocket money back in the day, I've bought some again to see if they lasted the distance. As soon as I smelled it I said "OMG this is Chanel Nº5 in another bottle!". I am 57 now, and this has long been my special scent. My reference to 'First' is to emphasize the perfect connection between the accords of blackcurrant bud (cassis) and the floral absolutes shared by both fragrances. My friends at college had some nice scents, we all adored some of the drugstore greats, I guess White Shoulders was one, but I always felt quite the sophisticate with the beautiful Caleche. These fragrances are timeless, yet never less than contemporary. When I wear it people always ask me 'What are you wearing??" A background lilly-of-the-valley & rose followed by the beauty of Caleche took me to Wavel Castle's old and woody atmosphere. I agree with so many reviews for Caleche. I smell an antic or a church, imbued with the smell of frankincense. I would wear this to a job interview (lightly) and smell professional or even in jeans and feel like I was born and bred a person of means ( old money lol). CALECHE by HERMES Women perfume HUGE 3.3oz 100ml EXTREMELY RARE *FREE SHIPPING* $149.00. As it has happened with "Rive Gauche" all I smelled, was a hair spray vague smell, as if I'm in a hairdresser's salon. I don't get the"nobility of iris", as stated in the description above. I was smelling citruses very weak, killed with other sharpness, but fortunately it was my favourite liily of the Valley and jasmine. This perfume is pretty strong. It opens with the opera glove slap of an aristocrat´s composed wrath - aldehydes buffing a starchy and contrived powdered-nose iris- receding around the fragrance´s heart like a crystal lattice enclosing and lifting the floral bosom and setting it over the portruding collarbones of a statuesque chypre base. For me, it's a no-brainer. About the scent I can´t write anything, because it let me completely emotionless. As I still have some of the original bottles, I wear them instead and enjoy them. I have tried wearing the reformulated versions but something is always missing. I m pretty sure that this one comes only in an eau de toilette concentration and believe me it really shows . Transported to another place entirely. I prefer Caleche over Chanel 5. Once with some shopping I got small trial size 1 ml of Caleche, left it in old home and forget about it for years. It has a beautiful subtle heart of creamy white flowers that emerge slowly from a fresh, woody, herbal foreground. I am a great fan of the late Monsieur Guy Robert. offers Caleche perfume in various sizes, all at discount prices. So, I seem to have changed. What was once considered a feminine is now a seriously-I-mean-it masculine that smacks a red handprint on the likes of Cool Water's aquatic little rear, leaving a sheer and floury poof of powder in the air. Calèche is a novel that dazzles with the beauty of its raw materials, from the joyfulness of citrus fruit to the modernity of aldehyde notes; from the floral heart embellished with ylang-ylang, rose and jasmine to the woody, chypre sillage underscored by the nobility of the iris. I had a chance to buy this in Laguna but unknowingly sniffed Kelly Caleche which I did not like. Elegant fresh floral, excellent quality. 30 ml - 1.0 fl.oz. • Next-day and Express delivery options also available I see some recent reviewers say the same. On me however it smells musty,like a chest of old clothes found in your grandmothers attic. (Retired!) Reminds me of Cacherel shirts and strict navy gabardine. And personally I sense no similarities to either Gold or N°5, perhaps the only link between the 3 being an unsurpassed elegance and style. :), Caleche by Hermes EDT .27 oz (Travel... (. Copyrights © 2006-2020 perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. At first the alcohol was overpowering. The sillage is moderate with great longevity. Kelly Caleche by Hermes: The house’s perfumer, after visiting the storage space for Hermes leathers, noted that some of the finest leathers actually had a floral scent. Now only on first whiff smells like it used to smell, however the heart and dry down is nothing but aldehydes. The soie de parfum does, right upon application. The middle notes are vintage and old lady-ish.This perfume smells matronly on my skin. There is an orris note, unfortunately. Hermes Caleche Soleil Edp 100ml. / 100 ml. strange that some people think it is like chanel no 5, I hate that perfume, it makes me feel quite ill, yet i love Caleche and have worn it for years....? So glad I found this site. I read the reviews and it sounded perfect for me. Please refer to the information provided on the packaging of your product to see the most up-to-date list of ingredients. More complex and more dry. As I said, after four hours or so the drydown is absolutely heavenly and keeps projecting. Discover Hermès women's fragrances and refills on our official online shop. I was feeling it is not me, far too strong, too sharp - feminine:P And the rose on the end-not for me. 3.0 out of 5 stars 3. I agree with Malegria. It wasn't so crazy shaking like Rocabar makes me love it at once but it was so interesting. A reminder of a visit to the Hermès leather vaults, Kelly Calèche is a light, feminine, joyous expression of leather. I love to wear this perfume when I want to feel and smell clean, but not dull. soap, soap, soap. It was my first real scent. I remember experiencing 'Caleche' for the first time in my early twenties and how very closely she resembled the relatively new Chanel 19, I was unaware then they had both been authored by the great Guy Robert. flowers--perhaps dried up musty attic flowers. I am 43. Soapy sour floral. I gave this a proper wearing, from an airport tester, the other day and it's gone from 'wantlist' to 'underwhelming' for me. Love it! My mother had it in 1970ties and I had the luxurious body lotion of this in 1980ties and loved it more than the frag. (She was a really nice gal, pretty sophisticated really, spoke fluent French, had lived in France and she was kind of beautiful too.) I've not had to purchase any since 1999 as I have some left in larger bottles. It does smell clean, it is lovely, but it does not have that adelhydic strength and longevity that I get with the SDP. Let me just say what Caleche is not: Caleche EDP, is Chanel' 5's sister, but less sweet. When she wasn't looking, I'd open the lids and smell them :-) I always particularly loved Caleche. Kelly Caleche by Hermès is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women.Kelly Caleche was launched in 2007. Shop for Hermès perfume at Macy's. This must be a classic, but to me it does not appeal very much. Elegant. Love love love it! I also purchased the original Eau De Toilette version by accident as a backup bottle. Yes, £25! I haven't tested on skin yet, just card but I think it will be even better on skin... it would be great layered with leather and rose. Coarse leather lacking empathy. Without Idylle, it doesn't take me back to Wavel, but reminds me, this time, of Guerlain-Vetiver :) I like the idylle-caleche mixture more than Caleche only 'cos the mix gives that hint of sour old smell which hit me at first. Explore Now! $159.99. It truly is powdery and reminiscent of makeup-face powder to be exact. So I purchased decent sized samples of masterpiece fragrances from the late 19th century, pre-WWI, Pre-WWII, post war, sixties, seventies (my mother's era), eighties and the over-the-top 90's which were my formitive years. Written in 1961 by Guy Robert, Calèche was Hermès’ first fragrance for women. It's just what I had years ago in the 70s when an older friend re-gifted me a bottle she was given for Christmas and didn't want. I think the "evil" is what makes it full of character and interesting. Pricey, but it worth. To me, it is a very sophisticated, complex scent. Another great one bites the dust. The first fragrance for women by Hermes. Caleche by Hermes is powdery perfection to my nose. I wore this too work the other day TBH I had too come home and change I got a horrible headache and Just not my smell I gifted this too a friend who wears this I liked it on her. Sadly many of his earlier creations including Madame Rochas have been altered almost beyond recognition with each reformulation, becoming not only insipidly weaker but also very nearly unrecognizable from the original formulas. Also, a little parfum goes a long way with great silage and longevity. It puts me in a pensive frame of mind and makes me feel more connected to me. Her lack of interest in this perfume and her inclination to share with me was my good luck, because I loved it! I return to it after intervals and wonder why I don't wear it constantly. My French grandmother loves this perfume, when I was buying it for Christmas in 2009 I got curious and sprayed a sample on my wrist. It has shown an interesting note though in heart - the incense (unusual type of incense found in our Catholic church), but this has disappeared in the drydown. If you can wear this, I'm sure it is lovely on you. Needless to that I adore both! Now, the kids are all grown and as a retired lady and grandmother(! it must be beutiful, and after ylour comment i will add it on my wish and 'to smell' list. I used to be not a fan of vintage perfumes, but I start to discover the hidden gems such as Caleche. I got a sample of this with high expectations. I even put the paper strip next to my pillow that night! Reorchestrated in 1992. PRE BARCODE- numbered HG13. You can feel the quality when wearing this. mmm, so good! Structured. Amber make something. The nose behind this fragrance is Guy Robert. Lucia.lawson your review was spot on. 19) and I kept hearing that Caleche had a hidden base of leather within its aromatic woody resins. I'm currently revisiting Hermes old and new. ----like a peppery old crusty leather ladies shoe from my grandmother's cedar lined closet. It is a little bit soapy and powdery but I could never call it a smell for a mature woman. Okay, so just as a heads up to you guys about the Soie de's TOTALLY different from the EDT. I have the EdT, presumably the latest, reformulated version, but I’m not sure. Admittedly my skin is a funny creature, but I find the SdP much soapier and heavier on the aldehydes, for a lot longer than in the EDT. Would like to smell the difference between the EDT and EDP. it developes fast like a fast forward of a blooming flower into something very rich and hard to analyse. Yes it is very much like Chanel no.5. However, I agree with those that feel Caleche is a soapy scent---it definitely is on me. Sample if possible! I used to wear this perfume in the 70's in NYC. Still, Caléche is in my opinion an absolutely fantastic scent, as are Madame Rochas, Rive Gauche and Calandre. The effect is just classic and uplifting. Right after application, it reminds me a lot of Madame Rochas, and in the next half and hour, because of the strong gardenia note, it feels very very close to Rive Gauche. £99.00. It's worth the price and effort to find the real thing. Tell us what you think - opens in new window or tab. First spray brought forth heavy oakmoss, I was kind of surprised that was all I smelled, but ten seconds later I was welcoming a bouquet of fresh, bright florals including iris, ylang-ylang, orange blossom, neroli, jasmine, and some rose along with tart citruses. Perfect description and feeling of this perfume! This is, of course, not quite the case–Doblis created in 1955 by Guy Robert came first. I have to agree. Gorgeous and unusual. I wanted to smell Caleche EdT again. It has great sillage. This perfume is pure, classy perfection. £19.99. Great selection of Hermès fragrance for women from First I tried edt and fell in love with it. While Gold is described as Guy Robert’s magnum opus, I see Caleche as a more complete creation. There is nothing ugly about this on my skin. offers Kelly Caleche in various sizes, all at discount prices. Follow us on twitter @fragrantica and Facebook fan page. Unfortunately I bought the EDT, and this is not as strong as the Soie de Parfum. I cannot describe it...reminded me of finger nail polish remover. 00 ($300.00/Fl Oz) FREE Shipping. I thought I was getting another bottle of the SDP, I didn’t know there were other versions. Lovely scent! “A perfume of leather and flowers, as light as an angel’s wing.” Jean-Claude Ellena A reminder of a visit to the Hermès leather storehouse, Kelly Calèche is a light, feminine, joyous expression of leather. It smells old-fashioned but very classy. Staying power is very good. I feel like I am wearing someone else's clothes. :-(. I only had one bottle of this which I wore when I was too young to be associated with. I am still trying to make friends at least with ONE Hermes scent and I simply can`t. The perfume quality is comparable with Sisley Eau Du Soir. Pulling my nose close to my wrist with Caleche on it, again and again. 5. I wear it when I don't want to offend - no one has ever commented on it - and save the more challenging scents for my off time. The longer I wore it the more I loved it. I had a small sample of vintage Caleche, which was glorious. My grandma loves both and as a fan of Chanel, she found it hard to like anything as much - until she discovered Caleche. I grabbed this for my vintage-green collection of comfort scents and I like it very much! • Easy and complimentary, within 30 days Strict. I've always loved Kelly Calèche, but until recently I've never given the original Calèche a trial run. Class at it's best. everyone else can keep their Chanel...;). Make Offer - Vintage Hermes Caleche Eau De Toilette Splash Perfume Paris France Mini 98% Full. or Best Offer This is a beautiful scent, so understated and elegant. The EDP is POWERFUL. Beautiful lilly-of-the-valley, vintage scent. This woman means business. At the age of 14 I was gifted with a Caléche pure parfum bottle. Aldehydes are REALLY REALLY present here. It doesn't smell like a different scent. Its a thin scent if that makes any sense. OUR RESPONSE TO COVID-19. The drydown is lovely soft and powdery, like Rouge. Iris and aldehydes has to be my least favorite combination on me. every time i put it on it smells different than the last, but always beautiful and never disappointing. $24.10. it reminds me of k krizia, but unlike k it dosen't stay sharp. The last bottle I purchased about 8 years ago in Hong Kong may have been reformulated, but the contents remain true to the original. This is my ultimate Princess Grace pairing. That is it. Receive our newsletter and discover our stories, collections, and surprises. I don't know what it is that I'm smelling as I look at the notes, but this stuff is divine. A classic! It is elegant in a obvious, average way, typical for past decades when ladies smelled of aldehydes, cleanliness and soap. You catch the aldehydes right away, then it slowly settles down to a dusty floral, then a powder. Too many comments already. This has been my favourite scent (with occasional deviations) since the 1970's. Check out our caleche perfume selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our fragrances shops. Pre Barcode! its citrus hints to the modernity of its aldehyde notes, from its floral heart As if your cleanness is reaching out to others. Still sharp, still pungent, with a slight hint of old school soap. This is a very mature scent, to be liked by those who enjoy the character of Chanel 5 but find it too accessible.... Ugh. I first started wearing Caleche in the 70's. • Complimentary ground shipping within 1 to 7 business days It is difficult to identify ingredients, the best I could come up with would be jasmine, orange-blossom and gardenia wrapped in cedar, sandalwood and something citrussy (bergamot?).

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