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how old is rani from the lion guard

02 12 2020

A fight ensues, in which Kion loses control and uses the Roar of the Elders on Baliyo. She then encourages Rani, telling her that she is ready to be queen, with Makini as her Royal Mjuzi. The Night Pride, partly exhausted and tired, arrives, only for the Lion Guard to take over the shift and defeat the army. Ullu the owl overhears their activities and leaves to inform Rani. Later, Ullu warns the Lion Guard that Makucha's army is launching another attack. Getting to know Kion and his friends helps Rani find the self-assurance she needs to be queen, as she knows that she has her friends and family at her side. Lion King Couples Club Join New Post. Eventually, Kion is healed from the pain in his scar and gains full control over the Roar. Rani consults with her grandmother, Janna, who senses the Roar of the Elders' presence and allows the Lion Guard to enter her domain, a decision about which Rani is unhappy. Looks. Sâhasí (father; deceased), Photo of Kion and Rani - The Lion Guard for fans of Lion King Couples 42989889. The Adventure Continues...As the dry season approaches, the Lion Guard's job gets harder. Bunga and Rani decide to visit him there. This brown-cream color is also present on her muzzle, her underbelly and her paws. added by rupertgrint88. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After the deaths of her parents, Rani received queenly instruction from her grandmother, Janna, and assumed leadership of the Night Pride. Once outside, Makini addresses the crowd, informing them of Janna's passing and Rani's upcoming coronation. Rani gives the Lion Guard a tour of the territory, which includes a variety of habitats ("Welcome to the Tree of Life"). Kion heeds the words of his parents and intelligently recognizes the signs of potential danger, this strong sense of responsibility is in part why Ki… Janna dies, and Kion comforts Rani. The Lion Guard and the Night Pride arrive, saving the tigers from further harm. The Lion King Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Rani shows Kion a long scar on her right foreleg. Scar (great uncle-in-law). Just then, Beshte approaches with Pinguino on his back. The Lion Guard Also known as: King Kion (Tree of Life) Prince Kion (Pride Lands) Occupation: King of the Tree of Life Co-Leader of the Night Pride (with Rani) Prince of the Pride Lands (formerly) Leader of the Lion Guard (retired) Species: Lion Age: 8 years old (in human years; in Season 1) 11 years old (in human years; in Season 2) Kion tells Rani that they'll make a good queen and king, to which Rani replies that they already are. After Kion relinquishes his role as leader of the Lion Guard to Vitani, he returns to the Tree of Life with his family and friends to become its protector and marry Rani. Makucha attempts to take charge, but Chuluun and Ora rebel against him, each wanting to formulate the plan. Rani listens as Kion admits his doubts about his ability to lead the Lion Guard. See more ideas about kion, lion guard, lion king. Ora then resolves to take over and attack the pride head-on by the light of day. The Lion Guard enters the pass, but Bunga accidentally starts a rockslide that blocks the pass. Rani is respectful of those whom she considers to be equal or superior to her, such as her family and teammates, both of whom she often turns to for advice and is in turn grateful to for their aid. Just then, the Lion Guard approaches with Heng Heng and Kely, who are having a dispute over bamboo. The rest of the Lion Guard arrives in time to chase Makucha's army away. Rani and Kion become the queen and king of the Tree of Life. Rani is a sleek young lioness, with reddish brown fur and a dark brown stripe running down her back. Rani & Kion A Lion Guard Fanfic . Rani seeks counsel from her parents, Sãhasí and Ãnanda. Rani tells Kion that she's looking forward to ruling with him. She is quite straightforward in speaking her mind and can sound harsh at times. 4.7 out of 5 stars 58. Kion admits that seeing Kiara with Kovu reminds him of how much he misses Rani. Rani interrupts Kion's healing session and tells him to congregate with the Lion Guard at the Tree of Life. Nala (mother-in-law), Lion Guard - Rani, Leader of the Night Pride 400. Kion explains that he and his friend, Ono, have come for healing. Baliyo (younger brother), 8 Favourites. The back of her legs contain … However, before he can answer, the Lion Guard approaches and declares that they are ready to return home. The Lion Guard arrives at the Tree of Life, where they meet its matriarch, Queen Janna. This causes Rani to realize the monster's true identity, as his name matches Beshte's catchphrase. Janna encourages her son, Surak, and her grandson, Baliyo, to help Rani during her reign. She has a bright colored scar on the inside of her right forepaw from unknown circumstances. 1,130 Followers, 42 Following, 45 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 🦁The Lion Guard🦁 (@the_lion_guard_official_) - Share your reason with the rest of … Reply. litrato of King Kion and reyna Rani's ceremonious roar for fans of The Lion Guard 43015334 Rani is shown to be very protective of her younger brother Baliyo, but can also be playful with him. The Night Pride arrives, and Kion leads the two teams in their attack. The teams succeed, and Rani praises Kion for his great leadership skills. Rani has several distinctions. Lion Guard Rani. You can also upload and share your favorite The Lion Guard Rani wallpapers. The two walk around the area as Kion admits his doubts about his scar and his ability to lead the Lion Guard without the Roar of the Elders. Meanwhile, Mama Binturong plots to invade the Tree of Life by pretending to seek sanctuary from Makucha and his army. He explains that he could use more training with the Roar of the Elders and that the Night Pride needs help protecting the Tree of Life. They advise her to follow Janna's instructions and prepare herself for becoming the queen of the Tree of Life. The Lion King (1994) (3) The Lion Guard (Cartoon) (3) Include Characters Bunga (The Lion King) (3) Kion (The Lion King) (3) Rani (The Lion King) (3) Fuli (The Lion King) (2) Kiara (The Lion King) (1) Kovu (The Lion King) (1) Vitani (The Lion King) (1) Janja (The Lion King) (1) Beshte (The Lion King) (1) Ono (The Lion King) (1) Rani expresses her doubts about becoming queen, to which Kion admits that he had felt the same when he'd first become the leader of the Lion Guard. Rani is a slender lioness, with chestnut brown fur and a dark brown stripe running down her back. This is PrinceBalto's take on Rani. The Lion Guard is a sequel and spin-off to … Rani leads Varya and her cubs to the tundra section of the Tree of Life. Jaianimation. She convinces a musk deer named Kiril to share the territory with the tigers, despite his initial hesitancy. She is the leader of the Night Pride and at the end of the series she and Kion unite as mates and become the King and Queen of the Night Pride. She has a red nose and her eyes are chocolate brown, and just above them is tawny, with the lower half becoming lighter. So far I've seen TBA notices. Kion uses the cliff trail to cut them off and, with Rani's help, defeats them. Additionally, as a member of the Night Pride, she has a lion's head marking on her right shoulder. Surak (uncle) The two travel around the territory together and confess their love for one another ("Of the Same Pride"). As the queen of the Tree of Life, she sports a ceremonial painted blue stripe on her forehead. fotografia of King Kion and queen Rani for fãs of The Lion Guard 43015329 I could see Rani's relationship with Kion starting as adversarial. The Lion Guard and the Night Pride return to the Tree of Life, where Rani accuses Kion of letting in an army of predators. Species: lion Simba (father-in-law), The Night Pride listens to Mama Binturong's account of her fight with Bunga and Binga. After all the chaos, Rani praises Ono for his quick thinking. "Til the Pridelands and The Tree of Life end, Lion Guard and Night Pride defend." Just then, Ullu arrives and warns Rani that Janna wants to see her, Kion, and the rest of the Night Pride immediately. At first, Rani is unsure what to do next, but Makini gestures to the wall, where all the information Rani needs is preserved in paintings.

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