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ge vertical motor manual

02 12 2020

Օ Use proper care and procedures in handling, lifting, installing, operating and maintaining the equipment. GE ValueLine vertical hollow shaft (VHS) WPI product line is a high thrust design intended for deep-well pump applications. << /ProcSet [/PDF /ImageC /Text] Space heaters (if supplied) should be de- energized during motor operation. Electric Motors. Learn more. Products; Catalogs; News & Trends; Exhibitions; All GE Motors catalogs and technical brochures. U.S. Motors, a brand of Nidec Motor Corporation, includes a complete line of general and special purpose industrial motors from 1/4 horsepower through 4000 horsepower for … Application Manual for Above NEMA Motors Index of Dimension Prints Section Part Page Date 1 0 Index 9/96 Part 1.1 Horizontal - ODP / WPI Enclosure Page Date Anti-Friction Bearing Standard Type IG - 505 / 508 Frames 1 9/96 Custom Type CG - 507 / 509 / 5011 Frames 2 9/96 Custom Type CG - 588 / 5810 Frames - 3600 and 1800 RPM 3 9/96 Custom Type CG - 588 / 5810 … They also include servomotors. GE Industrial Motors a Wolong Company manufactures electric motors from NEMA low voltage to medium voltage and DC motors. GE's Advanced Gas Path (AGP) is a great example of Power FlexEfficiency at work, setting new standards in performance. а C until the insulation resistance becomes constant for a one-half hour period. >> TROUBLE SHOOTING CHART Affected Parts Difficulty What to Check Windings Overheating Calibration of measuring instrument Օ Excessive load Unbalanced a-c current Օ Improper or restricted ventilation Excessive ambient temperature Օ Short circuited coil or windings Dirty windings Օ Unbalanced voltage Harmonics in power supply (variable frequency control) Bearings Overheating Օ Calibration of measuring instrument Worn out or dirty oil Օ Insufficient oil or grease Misalignment Օ Excessive thrust or radial loading Shaft currents Օ Improper end-play Bearing Housing Oil Leaks... Coupling Kit Packing List Item Quantity Coupling 1 Coupling Bolts 3 Coupling Lock Washers 3 Cover Plate 1 Cover Plate Bolts 5 Cover Plate Lock Washers 5 Steel Balls 10 Gib Key 1 Instructions 1 Bolt Torque Chart Frame Size Item Torque (Ft-Lbs) Torque (N-M) 210 5/16 - 18 UNC x 1-3/4 Coupling Bolt 17 23 250/280 3/8 - 16 UNC x 2-1/4 Coupling Bolt 30 41 210 thru 280 1/4 - 20 UNC x 1/2 Cover Plate Bolts 8 11 It shall be the installers responsibility in all cases to ascertain these torque values are used and maintained. MNS-MCC Installation Manual | General Information and System Description 5 1.1. Title: Microsoft Word - gek-95353.doc Created Date: 10/15/1999 11:34:59 AM Familiarization with NEMA Publication MG-2, Safety Standard for Construction and Guide for Selection, Installation and Use of Electric Motors and Generators, the National Electrical Code and sound local practices is recommended. N-series configured to order motors combine cost-efficient standardized designs and short lead times with safety, productivity, energy efficiency and reliability. In the event of excessive vibration or unusual noise, remove all power and disconnect the machine from the load and check the mounting and alignment. Visor Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics. D. Handling WARNING: Lifting lugs on the motor are designed for handling only the motor. GE's Power Conversion business applies the science and systems of power conversion to help drive the electric transformation of the world's energy infrastructure. Type 3 (499-1063 kWe) 3. BCVB is robust and … General Cleanliness Carbon tetrachloride is non-flammable, but is highly toxic. For horizontal motors, this information is often found in an operations manual. Some equivalent greases are: For Class F insulated motors: Lubrication ) and allowed to stand one (1) hour with oil in the bearings. GE’s proven vertical turbine pumps are highly efficient for condenser cooling and provide excellent reliability. 3 0 obj GEI-100351 2 Safety Precautions High voltage and rotating parts can cause serious or fatal injuries. GE Motors and Motor Parts. Type 9 (9500 kWe) Operation Efficiency 20% average higher standard thrust GE high thrust vertical pump motors have, on average, 20% higher thrust and extended performance than any other similar product in the industry. Configurations include: discharge flange above or below pump floor, motor supported on pump head or on a separated support, and pump pull-out or non-pull-out. These motors are provided with a shaft extension suitable for coupled service and are either straight or tapered as selected by the purchaser. 91 Pages. Energy Saver - TEFC Severe Duty. /Rotate 0 View & download of more than 46962 GE PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. MV7000 Flat Pack (FP) 16 Pages. 4 0 obj endobj General electric items include GE yoke assay, GE carbon brush, GE motor rigging, GE AC motor brush holder, GE MD800 insulator block, GE 46A slip ring brush holder, GE 46 slip ring brush holder, GE brush holder, yoke rocker, GE pinion nut, GE stud post, and GE motor rigging assy. >> The thrust bearing is usually at the top of the motor and may consist of one or more angular contact bearings, a spherical roller bearing, or a hydrodynamic plate bearing. /Resources lar motor rating can be operated magnetically or vertical position. Vertical Turbine Pump. stream The motor... C or 104 а F, unless the motor has been specially designed or otherwise cleared for use in a higher ambient temperature. /BleedBox [0 0 612.0 792.0] These lugs... GEI-M1025 5 2. GE Generators Enter your product's model number in the XXXXXX format that matches your product's data tag.

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