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how to cut a mango with a knife

02 12 2020

Peel the mango using a paring knife or potato peeler. Using your sharp knife, slice the mango pieces from the skin. You will end up with three pieces: two halves of mango flesh, and the middle section that has the pit. When your knife cannot scrape any more mango flesh off, this means you have reached the pit. Cut the small square mango pieces of the peel into a bowl and enjoy your mango. How far ahead of serving can I slice a mango? ", "It helped me with knowing about the pit, how it is shaped, and how to cut around it. While the mango fruit is commonly sliced with a sharp knife before serving, it is possible to eat a mango without cutting it at all. Mangoes need plenty of sunshine and water. Egg Bacon Pastrami on English Muffin Breakfast Sandwich, Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe for Super Bowl Party. Adulting 101: The credit building course from wikiHow. The pit of a mango is in the center and it's typically flat with an oblong shape. If you get a fruit that is too soft, it will get messy and hard to cut. ", "It was too late for this time, I already made a slimy mess. Note that you are NOT cutting the skin away from the mango. It is too old if it's very soft and/or you can see brown spots. So, to cut the flesh off the mango you need to first pit the fruit. wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. Do this to both ‘cheeks’ using the knife and then a spoon to gather as much flesh as possible from the skin. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Picture videos are, "It helped me because I didn't want to keep cutting my mangoes the same old way, I wanted to do it differently. If a cleaner edge is desired, use a paring knife to slice them off at the base, near the skin. Invert the scored mango to expose the cubes. While eating mango skin is safe for most people, it's unnecessary. More ripe fruits will have yellow/red color all around, but of course you can get one with some green and let it sit for a few days. To cut a mango, place it on a cutting board and hold it steady while you slice it into 3 pieces. Set your mango on its side on a cutting board, and with a sharp knife (dull knives are dangerous! When selecting a mango, please make sure you get a little bit of a squeeze, it should be a bit soft. This short guide will show you how to cut a mango. I know for some of us cutting a mango might seem like a very easy task but for some, this might be a bit more challenging than we think. Try not to cut through the skin on the other side as you're scoring the mango. You will end up with three pieces: two halves with lots of mango flesh on them, and the middle section that has the pit. Finally, take the center piece of the mango and cut around the pit with the knife before peeling off the remaining skin. A lot of help and information. Cut the second cheek from the other side of the mango and repeat the process. Wash the mango. Thank you! Work around the curve of the stone to cut the cheeks off. Once the mango feels slimy, you’ll know you’ve reached the sweet part. Using A Peeler. With the mango lying on the cutting board skin-down, gently yet firmly cut the mango away from the skin. Press the skin upwards. ", excellent, easier to understand the directions when we can see what and how to do it. If the mango is ripe enough, the cubes will easily peel off the skin. Next with a sharp knife, cut down each side of the mango using the seed as a guide for a close cut. ", task like getting into a mango without most of it getting in the trash. "I never could figure out a good way to cut a mango, and this article helped. Step 1: Score the mango. Make sure not to cut through the skin. 2. On the other hand, if you pick a mango that is too hard you won’t be able to enjoy the full taste of it, and it will be hard to cut. How can I grow a plant with the mango pit? Thank you. Take one half of your mango and cut lines vertically through the fruit side of the half without cutting … As always, be sure to exercise caution when handling a knife to avoid injury. Of course, there are many ways you can cut a mango. Approved. Thank you to the author! Many thanks for the easy-to-follow directions! ), trim off both stem ends. ", "It was helpful to learn how to hold it while peeling. To cut using a mango slicer, simply place the mango (stem-side down) in the orange tray (which looks like a bird’s beak) and fit the open whole of the slicer over the top-most point. (Mango has a large pit.) It helps to understand the basic shape of the pit so you can most easily cut around it. The diced flesh will cling to the skin. To create this article, 53 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Easiest way to skin a mango – turn mango up so pit is facing horitzontal with cutting board. This article received 20 testimonials and 92% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. Lightly press the mango to see if it is ripe. Mango smoothies are a perfect example, I also love using mango in a variety of delicious and healthy salads. The videos of each step were, "I have really mangled mangoes trying to cut them. From there, apply even, sturdy pressure to both handles as you force the blades down. After you are done you will have two sides and the middle part where the pit is. 3. How to Cut a Mango. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker. With a Knife. Simply make two parallel cuts about 1cm apart at the top of the fruit, and run your knife through these cuts to the bottom. How do you cut mango – Instructions. This is Arela and Marcin and we would like to welcome you on our food blog. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 1,187,551 times. If you use the curve of the blade, you can easily cut mango squares with just a slice. Then cut off all the seedlings except for one. Use the vegetable peeler to remove slices of mango skin until the skin is almost gone. Hold the mango so it is standing up on the cutting board. ", "I've never bought a mango before; this article told me how to chose a ripe one and cut it. Simple statements. I'm going to show her this! 2. It is very easy to follow and helpful. First Side Mango Cut. This is where you’re going to get the bulk of your cut mango pieces. Using a large sharp knife, cut alongside the wide part of the pit as close to it as possible from the top of the mango down one side of the pit. Here’s how: Cut a mango in half, set the bottom of each piece on the edge of a glass and apply … Set it upright with the fatter end on the cutting board. Starting from the top of the mango, cut down the mango, angling slightly around the pit, to remove the cheeks. ", "I thought it was a great presentation, clear and easy to follow. A mango seems like a bloody knife accident just waiting to happen; I mean, soft texture plus solid seed does not a simple slice make. 1. ", shapes. Like always you are invited to share your opinion with us, so feel free to drop us a comment below. 3. We are glad to see you here! Then repeat with the other side. How much does one mango yield? Once you learn how to work around the seed, the rest is easy. They can last up to five days in the fridge while sliced/ripened and if they're already sliced they can last up to six months in the freezer, well packaged in an airtight container. You will end up with two halves and a middle section with the pit intact. The first step to cutting the mango is to cut off one of the sides. Hardly any bites! To make thin mango slices, use a sharp knife to vertically cut each half of the fruit from … How to cut a mango Use your knife to cut through the flesh, about 1cm (or half a finger-width) away from the center of the fruit to give you one ‘cheek’ Repeat on the other side of the mango. To remove it, stand the mango upright on a cutting board so that the stem end is facing up. Very neat layout. All you need is a sharp knife (chefs knife is recommended, but a paring knife will work) and a large spoon. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Use a Y-shaped vegetable peeler for the easiest tool to skin a mango. All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. Carefully cut all the way to the peel, but not through it. It was like having a real person standing next to me explaining every, "I particularly liked the hedgehog method of folding back the "cheek" after slicing the fruit into cube, "Very detailed. You just have to remember when you bought it, as whole mangos usually last about five days in the refrigerator. Family friendly day to day recipes and cooking activities. A knife with a serrated edge will work best for cutting a mango, but any sharp knife will do the job. How to Cut a Mango. wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. After cutting the sides of the mango off, use a small, sharp knife to score the mango flesh in both directions. There are a couple of methods for cutting mangoes that will allow you to enjoy this delicious fruit. By using our site, you agree to our. thanky ou! It should not be too firm, and should be slightly soft. ", "It helped me and scoring the mango was fun.". Then, take the end pieces and score the fresh side of them with a knife so it looks like a grid. Using a knife cut the left and right sides off of the mango. The fattest two edges of the mango are called the “cheeks,” and these are the two edges you are cutting. It's as if you're cutting the mango in half, but just off-center. You can cut mango with a glass, cup or you can use a mango splitter sold at many retail stores, but  This guide is focusing on how to cut a mango with a knife which simple and you don’t have to purchase any additional kitchen gadgets. Your email address will not be published. Mangos are ripe when they have a very strong smell to them. The following guide is my preferred method to yield the most flesh from a mango. Fortunately, mangos have thinner skins than avocados, so you simply peel them with a vegetable or Y-shaped peeler, instead of having to scoop the fruit out from the skin. Our passion is cooking, traveling and photography. The hedgehog method seemed to be the safest method. Great website! For the hedgehog technique, put the mango half, skin side down, onto a chopping board and use the tip of a knife to cut a criss-cross pattern into the flesh. Can mangoes be eaten with a little bit of the skin still on? ", "My mom and I were just trying to eat a mango. Continue to turn the mango as necessary as you peel every edge. Molly Watson. Makes it much easier to remove the fruit. 1 Cut the mango along the sides of the pit. A ripe, average sized mango will yield about a cup of fruit. Make sure the mango is ripe. But learning how to cut a mango doesn't have to be a scene from a horror film. Required fields are marked *. If the fruit feels hard to the touch, let it ripen on the counter for a few days before cutting into it. The benefit of using a … A slightly larger mango … you are sure to save the best part. Makes it easy to read and follow along. This is an efficient way to cut mangoes, especially if you have to cut a … A mango has one long, flat seed in the center of the fruit. I love using mango in a variety of different ways. Use the vegetable peeler to remove the skin off the mango just as you would to take the skin off a cucumber. 2. Then, use the knife to cut the squares away from the skin. Learn more... On first glance, a mango seems like it would be pretty simple to cut, but cutting mango can often leave you with a big, juicy mess. Slice off the … You should end up with three pieces: two halves, and a middle section that includes the pit. Place the mango on a cutting board, stem facing away from your knife. Always use a clean knife and cutting board to cut a mango.Sanitize your hands, work area, utensils and cutting board before handling or cutting any fruits or vegetables, especially if you’ve handled any type of meat or seafood. It only requires four major cuts and then scoring the flesh to make slices or cubes. Cut a grid. To germinate the mango seed, you could just put the whole thing in a warm, moist place and wait for it to sprout. This article has been viewed 1,187,551 times. This article has been viewed 1,187,551 times. How to cut a mango with a knife? Use caution; your hands may become very slippery. % of people told us that this article helped them. When you cut the sides off, you should feel the seed with the edge of your knife… The pit is oblong and flat, somewhat like a disc. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. References You do not need to apply much pressure when peeling the skin. A video has emerged claiming to show the 'correct' way to open a mango with one slice of a knife. Hold the mango under cool running tap water, and gently rub it with your hands as you rinse it. Last Updated: November 17, 2020 1 Cut the mango along the sides of the pit. wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. ", "Very clear instructions, easy to follow, and I love the way you showed us more than one method. Eat a nice mango, remove as much flesh from the seed as possible, and then let it dry for a day or two. ", detail. ",,,,, consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow, The fattest two edges of the mango are called the “cheeks.”. The Mango Knife is ideal for cutting up mango after you've got it off the pit, as well. They will also "give" a little when gently squeezed. Next time for sure I'll be using this method! Use a small paring knife (or mango tool) to cut away the mango from the skin. Turn your mango 180 degrees and hold the top while you slice the other half off of the pit. Leaving a small space on the left and right sides of the stem, use a chef's knife to cut off the sides of the mango. From the flesh side and being careful not to cut through the skin, cut the flesh in a square, diced pattern down to the skin. If you’ve ever cubed an avocado, this step will be familiar: Using a paring knife, cut a grid pattern on each mango half, being sure not to cut through the skin. With a small paring knife, carefully slice half of the mango off of the pit while aiming your knife towards the center of the mango. To create this article, 53 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. After watching and reading how to cut a mango, I have wonderfully, "In the Midwest, we don't often get "Southern" fruits, so we need help figuring out how to do a simple, "The step-by-step visual was fantastic! Step 1: Cut around the pit. When cutting the mango, you want a to preserve as much of the cheeks as possible, since this is the part you eat. By slicing off the fleshy parts first, "Told us a little about picking a ripe mango. Repeat the same thing on the other side of the mango. There is also a big pit in the middle of the mango that is difficult to cut around. Don’t worry if you don’t get it all the way to the skin as you can go back with a spoon and peel away all the remaining flesh. Hold on to the top or sides of the mango and cut thin slices away from your hand. Now stand your mango on its base and face the pointier portion towards you. Many children around the globe squeeze and roll ripe mangoes between their fingers while the skin is still intact. Though it may offer health benefits, it has an unpleasant taste, may preserve pesticide residues and contain compounds that may cause allergic reactions. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Thank you. Use a sharp knife to cut the mango down one side, just to the right (or left, if you're left-handed) of the center. Then if you mangle the rest of it a bit trying to get it off the seed, no big deal! 2 Make lengthwise and crosswise cuts in the mango at the same time make sure you do not cut through it. After you are done you will have two sides and the middle part where the pit is. 2 Make lengthwise and crosswise cuts in the mango at the same time make sure you do not cut through it. Take a sharp knife and cut the mango parallel to the pit leaving a center slice around the pit. Also, we finally know how to cut a mango. You want to cut as close to the skin as possible, without cutting through the skin. The first way we’re going to peel a mango is using a peeler. They then rip the tip off the mango, and suck the pulp and juice straight from the top of the fruit. It just requires a bit of know-how—and a lot of practice. [1] X Research source You may also use a clean vegetable brush to scrub the surface of the mango, but this isn’t necessary since you will not be eating the skin. ", presentable mango salads and desserts. Pro Tip: If you want thin strips of mango, just keep working the peeler -- peeling off the fruit in strips.Then chop up them up for mango sauces.Otherwise.... You'll notice the mango is roughly oval shaped. Our favorite way to peel a mango is actually with a drinking glass (yep, really). Mango skin is edible and packed with nutrients like vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. ", "I didn't know how to cut one up, and made a big mess. (Mango has a large pit.) Stand the fruit upright (bottom stem-side down)—it should stand up on a flat bottom. About half of the world's mangoes grow in India, and second is China, proving that a zone with hot weather will be the best place to grow a mango. Before we begin we should know how to pick a good mango at the store. If your knife hits friction while cutting … wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. Tip: I use this same technique to cut … As with learning how to cut an avocado, learning how to cut a mango requires managing a thick, inedible pit, so you want a good knife that is easy to maneuver. Once you're finished, press the skin-side of the mango up so the squares you scored poke out. The Drinking Glass Method. Into slices. Mangoes usually grow in warm or tropical areas, and the climate affects their growth. Your email address will not be published.

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