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best colors for lake erie walleye

02 12 2020

That’s rarely the case. ... Best gentlemen to fish with. The best Lake Erie walleye crankbaits money can buy! The second best explanation is that many Lake Erie prey fish have purple somewhere on their body. They work well in the mid to fast speeds of 1.5 to 2.5 MPH. 6) Storm Deep Thunderstick and Deep Thunderstick Jr. Storm Deep Thunderstick And Deep Thunderstick Jr. I'm just kidding. Lake Erie Walleye Fishing. Click this link for a description of the best walleye lures on the market. They produce well when the water is a little more churned up. When you combine these factors with a little bit of knowledge about local baitfish, you can start putting together a good plan to figure out what color the fish want. It has a subtle action that will work even at ultra slow speeds down to 1 mph. The walleye or Stizostedion vitreum, as it is also known, can be found in many lakes throughout the mid-west. Best lures lake Erie walleye ... or spinners or wiggle warts). They dive deeper and have a different action than the ripsticks.The deep little rippers have almost the same action in a smaller package and also can tolerate slow or fast speeds. If you flip them upside down and look at them in the sun, you will see an almost iridescent purple color under their chin and gills. Regan Huge Walleye April Lake Erie Charter by Hot Bite posted Feb 26, 2017 at 8:28 AM. Everybody knows the best fish is fresh fish and it doesn’t get any fresher than walleye and perch caught from the cool waters of Lake Erie on Ohio’s north coast. When you are deciding what color lures to use, think about what the fish sees in the conditions that they are in. Old Thundersticks are worth their weight in gold because they remain, without a doubt, the best plugs on Lake Erie. It’s surprising how many fish have purple on the underside of their head. This was the first crankbait I ever trolled ( circa 1980 ) .These babies catch a ton of fish but get knocked out of tune easily ! Best colors – Chrome, White, Purple, bases. In may and June I opt for the #7. These lures work best when the water is really cold and the walleye want a slow subtle roll to the lure. With a name like Wally diver you know this thing will catch some. You can find success if you follow the advice of the anglers who catch this fish for a living. “To a walleye, smelt is like filet mignon,” Jobes explained, “so when you see a ball of smelt on sonar, you’ll often mark walleyes, too.” Purple, white and especially pink are the best colors to … My favorite colors were glass clown , glass pink , and glass perch in the number 12 size. On Lake Erie, fall walleye crankbait trolling starts heating up in late September and continues to get better all the way into December, as long as the weather allows it to. What are the best blade and bead colors for harnesses.? I am thinking of making some with Colorado blades and others with willow blades. Each autumn signals an anticipated flurry of walleye action in Lake Erie’s central and western basins.Late September or early October finds dozens of savvy ‘eye hunters prowling waters from the east side of Cleveland to the Bass Islands. These will work well at allmost any speed that you want to try from 1.2 to over 3 MPH. Generally, the best area is between the Bass Islands and Lorain, with the open water off of Ohio’s Huron River producing the best … My favorite colors are gold/black or silver/green ladderback. This completely makes sense for two reasons. From reservoirs to small lakes to large expanses of water. The general rule in freshwater systems is that red and orange quickly get eliminated, generally in the top 15 to 20 feet of water or less. The lighter you can go on your Erie Dearie weight the better. Wiggle Warts are some of my favorite baits. To get to deeper walleye either place a 1 to 2 ounce weight 6 feet in front of the lure or attach a snapweight from 20 to 50 feet ahead of it. Catching Lake Erie Walleye Is Simple. When the water is cold,when the water is hot,when you just don’t want to get your hands dirty with worms. In my mind, I have always justified that prey fish obviously have red gills, as their blood flows through the gills, and whatever red blood looks like at depth is probably the same as red on a lure at depth, even if it is simply a shade of gray, it should be a similar shade of gray as red blood at depth. So if you are headed out after walleye ,on Lake Erie ,and plan to use crankbaits , these are the go to lures. One of the most important acronyms to remember when out on the water is one that most of us probably learned in middle school, ROY-G-BIV. When the water is cold,when the water is hot,when you just don’t want to get your hands dirty with worms. My favorite color is blue/white. Known as harnesses, spinners or just plain meat rigs, spinner/crawler combos are a top choice among Lake Erie’s walleye fishing armada. The Pros and Cons of Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensors, Dissolved Oxygen: The most important measurement for aquaculture, American Shad Populations, Once Great, Now Minimal. For spring I am running ripstick 700s, Deep husky 12s, perfect 10s, and bandits. The colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet) are also the same order that colors start disappearing as you increase water depth. Crank Bait Colors for Walleye. The “H” size and Rattle Tots are the best ! The lures listed have been 100% proven to catch Lake Erie monster walleye. I have a 75 horse and a bow mount trolling motor what speed should I be at? My question is what color blades would you suggest I use. While the new ones are okay, the best ones are from before the Rapala buyout in 1998 (search ebay). They have a lot of wobble but do not have the wide searching action. Thus will be my first time fishing Erie for walleyes. If you have the wrong lure or color on, walleye will be very difficult to catch. That’s rarely the case. From Lake Erie charter captain Matthew Sell, The best crankbaits for Lake Erie Walleye. In dirty water, match the forage base, but break out the brighter versions. A feast or famine lure it seems. The best color spoons for walleye will be silver, gold, five of diamonds and a bright contrasting pattern. They are easy to tune and stay in tune well. While important, it is not my first concern when starting out a day of fishing. Red colors on lures can lead to lots of debates. The obvious connection is that purples penetrate the farthest and the fish most likely still see some shade of purple when other colors start getting eliminated. “This year, though, the Perfect 10 fired off and stayed hot throughout the fall season. This is the new hot bait for pounding cold water Lake Erie walleye. Best Overall: Cotton Cordell Wally Diver Lure at Amazon "The most legendary walleye lure of all time." Yellow and green will persist to around 50 to 60 feet of water in best-case scenarios, and blue through violet will penetrate over 100 feet in clear water. The walleye population in Lake Erie has exploded during the past few years — the fishing is considered to be great, and fisheries managers say it will likely get better in the near future as younger fish grow to keeping size. Lindy's Shadling comes in a Natural Perch and Shiner, but here's where you'd tie on a … Spoons, the lure of choice for Walleye by Mike Tontimonia. The best stock color is blue chrome.I would buy two of them off the bat.Other good stock colors are khaki,humble bee,blackheaded wonderbread and taco salad.For custom colors,I B frozen is one of the best.Another good custom is Huff Daddy,R C crush,pink lemonaide,poohbear purple and poohbear chartruse. Platinum Plus Lake Erie and Lake St Clair Marine. These deep minnow baits will work slow or fast. Have you ever looked at white perch, white bass and even yellow perch throats? We all have to keep in mind that increasing stain or color in the water will start to cut down how far the sunlight can penetrate. May 20th Lake Erie walleye fishing report offered by Blue Dolphin Walley Charter captain Gary Zart ... Dipseys have been 35/1 setting 50/2 75/3 . Your email address will not be published. Many lures have red, and in most cases the head or gill area are red to mimic red gills on baitfish, but how can red be effective if red is the first color to disappear? Top colors are Warrior ... Feb 26, 2017 at 8:28 AM. They still have the searching ,side to side action that Hot n Tots have.These lures are best at speed of at least 1.7 to up over 2.7 MPH. These are best worked slowly from 1 to 1.7 MPH. My favorite colors were glass clown , glass pink , and glass perch in the number 12 size. Best Crankbait: Rapala Shad Rap Fishing Lure at Amazon "Stands out for its versatility." Color options are natural or chartreuse. The pre Rapala ones in this bait have a way better action and sound. WalleyeWiz likes this. In a best-case scenario, you will be fishing in relatively clear water with a reasonable amount of sunlight penetration and your lures might look somewhat similar to what they look like out of the water. Required fields are marked *, A wholly owned subsidiary of Fondriest Environmental, FishSens Technology designs and manufactures products in a state-of-the-art marine instrumentation and fabrication shop near Dayton, Ohio. The Best Equipment for Walleye Fishing in Lake Erie. As walleye soar to record levels, anglers, charter captains, and tourism officials are thrilled. Fall winds and Lake Erie currents can mean lots of different water colors even in relatively small areas. Get out and enjoy this weekend! Lake Erie walleye hunters form a large part of his customer base. Fish the smelt bite. You will want to keep your speed up, to at least 1.8 to 2.7 with these wide roaming wandering baits. Some days they wont hit these , other days thats all they will hit ! The size of the Erie Dearie when fishing for Lake Erie walleye depends on water depth and drift speed of your boat. Speed has been 1.5 -2.0 mph. The weapon catches walleye and is easy to make, affordable, covers all the bases, weight-colors – blade sizes to match Lake Erie’s constantly changing fishing conditions. You still need to locate the most and biggest fish, regardless of what you are fishing for, and then determine how deep they are in the water column and what they want to eat. Clear water means natural colors, like shiner colors, and whatever the color of the forage base at your lake. Lake Erie is a big lake and there are a lot of places for walleye to hide. “These guys know what works, and the most-popular lures for the area haven’t changed much in a few years,” said Lewis. There are other walleye scents out there that can be applied to lures and plastics but Gulp is the best! There is plenty of information available online relative to color penetration in water, and Google will find plenty of reading material if you want to read more about the science behind it. My favorite colors are the rainbow trout pattern in the large size and either a silver with a black back or purple trout in the Jr. size. As you lose light penetration, you also lose color wavelengths, and all of a sudden things start looking very different. You can use these to integrate a minnow bait into a spread with some faster moving stuff. WALLEYE MIKE, Feb 15, 2016. ... the best color for any water is the color and lure that catches the most fish. Home » Top Ten Crankbaits for Lake Erie Walleye, These are the go to’s , the must haves , you just need to have most if not all of these in your box if you are going to troll crankbaits for walleye! These lures are hot ! I will be venturing to Lake Erie in the next.few weeks for some eyes. Holding up a Lake Erie walleye. Lake Erie Berkley Flicker Minnow Colors May 11, 2017 December 11, 2017 The Next Bite Berkley Flicker Minnow , Trolling , Videos From episode 6 Season 13, Mark Courts goes over which Flicker Minnow colors worked best for post-spawn Lake Erie walleyes. Feb 15, 2016 #5 . Think about your favorite lure colors and how deep you fish them, and now think about how different they might look if clarity or light limit color penetration. Spoon feeding Lake Erie walleyes has become the topic most often discussed among Great Lakes anglers. Recently, we fished Lake Winni in MN for walleyes. A bottom bouncer is the best weight for a worm harness. Top Ten Crankbaits for Lake Erie Walleye These are the go to’s , the must haves , you just need to have most if not all of these in your box if you are going to troll crankbaits for walleye! Assuming that you’ve already done that, now it’s time to pick some lure colors. I tried to put these in order from the slowest ( cooler water) to fastest (warmer water). Long lined behind a planer board it dives to about 10 feet. Zoom Salty Super Walleye … My favorite color in this lure is gold / orange or perch. Fishing charters can be a useful tool to employ especially if time is limited. I tend to prefer the large ones early (and a little slower like 1- 1.3 MPH) . (Credit: Travis Hartman). These have probably caught more great lakes walleye than the others combined. Here they are ! just trying to get a feel for what other people have used up there that also produced well,,my ulitmate favorite is a size 1 dipsy diver in the watermelon color with any michigan stinger spoon behind it. If the water is clear and you are fishing shallow, they probably see what you see. I believe that most anglers are too superficial when considering lure color, and they don’t understand how many factors will determine how colors look at depth and how that can change from day to day. There are so many colors! Lake Erie walleye fishing has really been heating up the last couple of years and below we will discuss one of the more popular options right now for catching them, drift fishing, and give some insight on what to use, how to use it, and what to expect. My favorite colors are gold / black back and silver / black back. If you are fishing deep and the water is stained or it’s cloudy with big waves, colors start disappearing quickly as you get deeper. You may just have to fish the “original series” baits. Most captains keep them under lock-and-key. All the materials needed to build your own worm harness, Colorado and Willowleaf spinner blades in Nickel and Copper with finishes of Smooth, Hex, Hammered with sizes from #3 to #5, clevises, 6mm beads, 8mm beads, hooks The best speeds for running Deep Down Husky Jerks is from .8 to 1.4 Mph (around 1 mph was our best this past year). Although I have done well with the large Flicker shad also . My favorite color is the silver one with a blue back and orange belly. Tuning these lures is critical as they get out of whack easily .Best speeds are usually from 1 to 1.7 MPH. Lake Erie Fishing Maps. Smelt are a predominate forage species in Lake Erie, and deserve special attention wherever you find them. These are a long slender bait that has a lot of rattles in it for a different sound. Start working on getting few different brands and colors to try. Again the Pre Rapala ones are my favorites as they offered a lot more colors. Find the right water color with the right sonar marks and you’ll catch walleye. Personally, I usually use bright-colored lures with reds, oranges and pinks from 5 to 20 feet down in the water column, as I assume this is where those colors will be most effective. Best Suspending Jerkbait: Rapala Husky Jerk Fishing Lure at Amazon "Perfectly balanced to run true whether you’re casting or trolling at any speed." There are plenty of times to use crankbaits. On Lake Erie, there are lots of variables that potentially impact what the best color of the day might be. Hot colors/lures for lake erie i was wondering what colors and lures have produced the best for people on lake erie, after being a first mate up there for 5 years i have my favorites.

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