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uses of chives

02 12 2020

Thank you!! That would be so pretty! BkCreative from Brooklyn, New York City on May 30, 2010: I love chives - and fortunately my daughter-in-law has a ton in her garden. Flavor is much milder and more subtle than other members of the onion family. Sherri (author) from Southeastern Pennsylvania on June 06, 2010: Love to hear from a chive lover. I have distributed the growing stock to number of my friends and foes free of cost, primarily to introduce the flavor of the wonderful herb to the common gardeners and nongardeners.It should be divided after 2nd year or else it becomes forms thick mat its growth is also retarded. I didn't know chive flowers can be eaten. Choline is an important nutrient that helps maintain the... Other health benefits. The herb can be preserved by crushing in a mixer with cold water, It forms a viscous green liquid .This liquid can be stored in ice cube form in the fridge. I eat them right in the garden and like to use them in our food. The beautiful lavender chive flower is edible. Frieda Babbley from Saint Louis, MO on May 21, 2010: Awesome hub! They are widely cultivated in Europe, Asia and North America. It's really easy to do. It's fresh and light, not at all like a chili pepper or a peppercorn. I will definitely get some and see how I can use them for cooking purposes. 3 Uses for Chives July 13, 2017 by Nicole Coudal Years ago I read a wonderful book by Julia Cameron called The Artist’s Way, a self-paced workshop of sorts, with lots of thoughtful exercises and writing assignments, all designed to unlock inner creativity. It's a perfect centerpiece for brunch. I've found that planting a border of chives around plants that rabbits like works well to keep the rabbits out...sort of like a chive fence. The chive plant is a member of the onion family and forms small bulbs from the roots. Fortunately, many of her recipes and techniques were handed down through the generations. I like what you said about the geraniums and chives together. :). Chives are a popular ingredient in French omelets and cheese soufflés. Sherri (author) from Southeastern Pennsylvania on June 06, 2012: LOL, Gloshei, what a great comment. I enjoyed taking those pictures yesterday and then finding the one with the bee. Anti Inflammatory Properties: Chives have anti inflammatory properties and is great for consuming when suffering from any kind of inflammations. Chives belong to the Allium family as garlic, shallots, leeks, and scallion. If you like to experiment with pepper flavors, add some chive blossoms to a homemade vinaigrette that also includes some freshly ground white and black peppercorns. Fresh chives are one of the most valuable ingredients in the cooking process worldwide. My grandmother was an excellent cook. You can also grow your own without much effort. And of course, chives are delicious blended into cream cheese to spread over homemade bagels. Never thought of pairing chives with our roses...but may give it a try. Sherri (author) from Southeastern Pennsylvania on June 05, 2012: Gloshei, chopped chives on mashed potatoes? These grow wild in a near town I pass and did not know it had many uses. Use chive greens to flavor salads, egg dishes, baked potatoes, fish, soups, and more. Sherri (author) from Southeastern Pennsylvania on June 04, 2012: moonlake, one of the delights I have in the garden is eating the fresh chive sprouts when they start to grow in places I don't want them. Other uses of the herb: The juice of the plant is used as a moth repellent. Habby from College Station, Texas on May 23, 2010: Sally's Trove, thank you for doing some research for me. Division and space availability makes it happy. The hard angles and dull darkness of the chive seed give no hint of the airy pastel flowers and rich green leaves to come. List of various diseases cured by Garlic Chives. Use chive to repel pests and attract bees. The flowers are also edible and are used in salads, or used to make Blossom vinegars. Study finds that mindfulness does not actively reduce stress, COVID-19 live updates: Total number of cases passes 63.8 million. Look forward to trying that! It is an anti-emetic herb that improves kidney function. You have made me a believer I will now grow chives! During the start of the Middle Ages, Europeans began cultivating chive herbs, to be used as a different food source. Better Bone Strength. For example, one study indicated a potentially positive relationship between garlic and health conditions such as heart disease and high blood sugar. Grow chives as companion plants in your vegetable and rose gardens to encourage bees and healthy plant growth and to discourage pests and diseases. Make a few phone calls or visits to local restaurants or markets to see if they are interested in purchasing your surplus. It has similar properties to garlic (A. sativum), but in a much milder form, and it is rarely used medicinally. The resulting concoction will be rosy in color and tantalizingly flavored. Also, a 2015 review of studies reports that eating allium vegetables may reduce the risk of cancer, particularly gastrointestinal cancer. Sherri (author) from Southeastern Pennsylvania on May 21, 2010: FlyingPanther, chives are our allies, not our foes. Chives are popular in French cuisine where they are one of the fines herbes, which is a term for the core set of herbs used throughout French cooking. Flavorful chives and onions are often added to Chinese stir-fries. Chives are an herb that's related to onions and garlic with long green stems and a mild, not-too-pungent flavor. Trish was here last weekend and there were a couple of new blossoms on the chive plants. This means that they are low in calories but high in beneficial nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Chives are so pretty; I don't know why I haven't planted them before. Now, if I can convince my daughter that she might be traded in a friendly way for bacon and potatoes, she just might visit you. :) So glad, as a fellow chive grower, you found this useful. You can also freeze them into larger containers of water (like a gelatin mold, for example) and float the ice blocks in a punch bowl. "Pepper" takes on a whole new meaning. The species is not grown over here in Kashmir. Along the same lines as being a permaculture plant, chives are also an excellent companion plant. … In fact, as I began to get serious about it because of you, I found my self migrating from, "Ho-hum, who cares, everybody knows this," to, "Son of a gun, I've actually got at least 15 uses!" Some research has specifically suggested that allium vegetables, including chives, could have anticancer effects. Angela Brummer, glad you enjoyed this hub. Also, some people may find that eating a lot of chives can cause stomach upset. How Garlic Chives is effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format. Diana and FP, Allium schoenoprasum is actually native to India and China, and it is thought that Marco Polo brought this Herb to the West. Sherri (author) from Southeastern Pennsylvania on June 03, 2012: toomuchmint, what a great comment! The seeds go everywhere! Habby, after you asked your question about how chives would do in the Texas heat, I did a little research, since I've never grown chives in a climate that doesn't have a cold winter. People with food allergies may wish to talk to their doctor before adding chives to their diet. Chives hold ornamental interest throughout their growing season, spring through fall. I had to constantly reassure him it was not the grass growing so fast but the chives! Chives are a perennial plant cultivated as a biennial. Wendy Henderson from Cape Coral on May 27, 2010: I use chives a lot. Some research has also linked the chemicals in chives and other allium vegetables with anticancer effects. Jerzy Opioa, CC-BY SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons. In this article, learn how it may help reduce anxiety and improve sleep. Maybe you'll write a hub and share some of your chive pictures. History: As a member of the Allium genus, chives are related to garlic and onion. Thanks so much for your comment. P.S. Thanks for reading and leaving the good words. Instead of drying chives and storing them in jars (or buying expensive dried chive in the grocery store), snip or chop the chive leaves, spread them in a single layer on a flat baking sheet, and put them uncovered in the freezer. Hello, hello, from London, UK on May 21, 2010: You wrote an excellent hub with so much information and many tips. Thanks so much for adding your experience here. In Sweden, the herb is used … Chives are a handy herb to have in the kitchen, either growing all year round or purchased. That's what is all about. Chives are cultivated both for their culinary uses and their ornamental value; the violet flowers are often used in ornamental dry bouquets. People tend to use chives as a garnish or topping for main meals or salads, though they can also substitute chives for onions in other recipes. Chives are a wonderful, savory herb that can be used in the kitchen in a variety of dishes, in the yard for visual appeal, and even in the home like a pest repellent. I'd love to see a hub written about how chives are prepared and used in India, as I am far from expert on this topic. Some people use them as home remedies. I introduced Chives ((Allium schoenoprasum) in my kitchen garden under the herb sector in 2004.I have been using the foliage of the plant ever since. Benefits of passionflower for anxiety and insomnia, Debra Rose Wilson, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., IBCLC, AHN-BC, CHT, What is an herbal tincture? Many votes! In fact, it occurred to me that I need to pass along a link to your hub to a friend of mine who enjoys gardening as I do. Fresh chives are widely available from supermarkets and garden centres. Very interesting and useful thank you Sally :D. Sherri (author) from Southeastern Pennsylvania on May 31, 2011: Glad you found this Hub useful, DRG.

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