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rockwell commander 112 review

02 12 2020

Operating costs on the high end for this type of aircraft. 1974 COMMANDER 112A ... Find and Compare COMMANDER 112 for sale Also Consider. Becoming a Registered User is free. The 112 has the capacity for one crew member and three passengers. Daniel DiFrancesco. That plan has gone by the wayside, but Commanders marketing is still unusual and aggressive. Riders in N1182J would be comfortable without headsets. Latest. Part Number: GF175009-3 Left GF175009-8 Right Approval Basis: FAA-PMA Approved . I am looking forward to installing the new speed mods soon to be released by Advanced Aerosystems. A study commissioned by Commander and conducted by accident researchers Robert E. Breiling Associates shows that the Commander 112/114 series has a total accident rate 2.24 times better than that of the Beech Bonanzas, 2.4 times better than the Mooney M20 series of airplanes, and 3.53 times better than Piper PA–32s (the Cherokee Six/Saratoga series). Page 1 of 2 Only 20 or so have been built. Parts availability is, reportedly, no problem at all. Theyre not cheap, but they are obtainable. "Safety, Quality, High standard, Luxurious first class comfort, Exceptional design" is Commander. Commander Aircraft owns the type certificates for the 112 line and provides factory support for the airplanes. AD troublesNo telling of the tale of the 112/114 would be complete without a recounting of its structural problems. Rockwell Commander 112 and 114, Spacious, Comfortable . E-mail the author at [email protected]. 114 A. A final revised airworthiness directive (90-4-7, the final type-specific directive) mandated procedures announced in Gulfstreams third version of the service bulletin, issued in November of 1988. Posted on February 3, 2009 by deditor. Comfort and loading – With a wide cabin, room to stretch, a high cabin ceiling and two doors, what more can I say. Rockwell Commander 112 A: Model Year: 1975: This is a low time Commander for sale by the second owner. With the Hot-Shot turbo conversion, Commander 112s can cruise 164 kt at 16,000 feet at 75-percent power. N1182J has been modified with the Hot-Shot turbo/intercooler conversion from RCM Normalizing Inc. of Big Piney, Wyoming (307/276-3386). If a $30 millioncompany can buy a business jet for $3.5 million, why can’t a $3 million companybuy a four place single for $300 thousand? Unless otherwise noted, these reviews carry product pricing from the time of the original review. The kit contains all the orings, back up rings and wiper rod required to service the actuator. Owners estimate they burn about nine to 11 GPH in cruise on the Commander 112 and 12 to 15 GPH on the Commander 114. New Power to the Commander. Back in the terminal area, Commander pilots will notice that operation of the gear and flap systems results in little or no pitch change. Robert Cordray at Advanced Aerosystems ((405) 787-1044) is working on a composite cowling incorporating a ram-air-effect design intended to boost manifold pressure. The problems first cropped up in the mid-80s. The airplane began life as the 200-HP Rockwell 112. Peter A. Bedell, AOPA 1136339, is a first officer with a regional airline and former technical editor of AOPA Pilot . Climb performance and range of the 114, at least, are both adequate. Its that good. And if any owner wished (or found it more convenient) to have the work done by his own facility in this country or overseas, the parts were to be sent free and prepaid. The good news is that there is a factory to support the airplane. Owners also have a quarterly newsletter available from the Commander Aircraft Association. The design of the Commander fuel system deserves a lot of credit for that. Apply for Financing Operating Costs Get Insurance. They are at best aloof to current owners, and recently have become downright hostile toward several aftermarket companies. Some details on the part: there is some minor cracks along the mounting holes. Minimax drill-powered Rockwell Commander aircraft tugs are made with all steel construction, enclosed gearbox & automatic brake. Type certificated in 1992, the 114B has several speed mods that make it much faster than the old 114. The Piper is no slouch for interior room, either, so the comfort-for-speed trade-off argument is debatable. CESSNA 172S Skyhawk SP (1998 - 2018) Typical Price: $94,887.00 Total Cost of Ownership: $18,986 ... Are you sure you want to delete your review? With a very comprehensive preventative maintenance program and a policy of dont rebuild it … replace it my costs are probably on the high end of the scale. It has 1012 hours on the airframe and about 10 hours on a new prop and full major engine overhaul on chrome. A fixed-gear version of this low-priced Aero Commander was called the Model 111, but its production life span was short. Browse a wide selection of new and used Aircraft near you at I feel this aircraft is one of the best kept secrets. In 1974, the introduction of the 112A solved the door problem. Commander 114 Series Aircraft Information. Multi-engine Airplanes. It has always been possible to load four real people and reasonable baggage, commented one owner, to top the tanks and fly four and a half hours without CG or weight problems, and with IFR reserves. In comparing it to other aircraft, I found it to be one of the best values. At 130 knots or so, the 112 can barely get out of its own way. Cost to owners overseas was set at $3,000 apiece. Even though it was slightly less than that of Piper's Arrow III, which was also introduced in 1977, the useful load of the Commander 112 had reached a respectable 1,000 pounds. Seating is very comfortable, and the view is excellent. Less-often acknowledged, however, is the fact that a number of airplanes either weathered the storm or returned to production several years ago. Designed and built by Rockwell International in the 1970s, the Commander 114 is a variant of the Rockwell Commander 112 which is an American four seat cabin, single piston engine monoplane. For years, what was then called North American Rockwell had been trying to find the right mix of ramp appeal, performance and features to enter the general aviation market in a big way. Specs, range, speed, operating weights and performance for the Commander 112A here On our evaluation flight, cylinder head temperatures never got higher than 370 degrees, even in a climb on a 90-degree day. Commander 112/114 series of four-seat piston singles. I became an owner of a 1977 Rockwell Commander 114 in November 1992. Then, in light of the cost of repairs, AOPA came along with lots of feedback from complaining Commander owners and called for suspension of the AD on the grounds that the new fix gave no better assurance of improving seat crashworthiness than the old one. "Safety, Quality, High standard, Luxurious first class comfort, Exceptional design" is Commander. Elaborate studies were made of pilot preferences, and even aviation journalists (Aviation Consumer editors included) were invited to take a look at preliminary designs and make suggestions. T he Rockwell Commander 114 was an improved version of Rockwell International's popular single-engine aircraft model, the 112. The result, which made its debut in 1972 (base price $24,750, average equipped about $12,000 more, or about the same price as a Cardinal RG or Arrow), emphasized looks, cabin roominess and comfort over performance. Nice touches of the Commander design include a fuel selector with a Both position, a rarity in a low-wing airplane. One of only a few nits to pick in the handling department is an apparent lack of rudder authority, which may make landings in a stiff crosswind a challenge. A 1999 model will set the buyer back about $412,000. He's got a Rockwell-built Commander with the IO-540 and they load that thing up and go everywhere in North America with it. I usually plan for 145 knots at 7,500 feet and find that this works nicely for all my flight planning. 114 TC ABOUT "Commander is the world's finest legendary single engine, high performance aircraft." List Price: $1,529.95. Early attempts-the Lark and Darter, and efforts to revive the Meyers 200-didnt work out as the company hoped. On the ramp the Commander's rakish nose, towering tail, and upright stance set it apart from its dowdy-looking competitors. The prototype 112 first flew on December 4, 1970 while a prototype 111 Fuel flows are about 13.5 GPH (100 lean of peak). Search aircraft for sale for free! A turbocharged version, dubbed the 112TC, arrived in 1976 with a carbureted 210-horsepower Lycoming TO-360 engine. Factory support (other than parts) is very lacking. With approach speeds slightly above 80 knots, I find that I arrest the descent of the aircraft rather than coaxing a prolonged flare or float. Already a member? Disclaimer: Information on this site may not be accurate or current and is not valid for flight planning or any other aircraft operations. I plan for about $800 for each annual now that most of the wear-prone parts have been replaced or serviced. (The Bonanza had a significant performance advantage, however.). (Kaplan was the owner of two grounded Commander 114s and was a tax accountant who made the project a full-time job.) As an outgrowth of the 112, the 114 arrived in 1976 with the 260-HP IO-540 Lycoming engine. These early ADs contradicted Rockwell's claims that the 112 was a tough little bird. Typical Installation Time: n/a. I have everything verified and certified by the FAA This plane has… Pilot Proficiency. This is also an aircraft that needs to be flown slightly over target cruise altitude and then rapidly descended to altitude to gain maximum efficiency. When Gulfstream purchased the rights to Rockwell designs in 1979, the 112 and 114 models were taken out of production. Relatively slow cruise speeds for this large an engine results in operating costs at the high end for a high performance single. At high altitude airports, the 114 is not a short field aircraft. Pilot Proficiency. He admits to taking out the rear seats to gain 35 pounds of useful load and enough room to carry the kitchen sink. Even at about 65 kt, an attempt to rotate Faret's 112A was met with a stall warning and a prolonged takeoff roll thanks to a draggy, nose-up attitude. The result of the insulation, however, is an extremely quiet airplane, a trait that the 112 design wasn't known for. There is no comparison between a 112 and a 114, the 114 is a vastly superior aircraft but the direct comparator from the Piper range would probably be the Saratoga and from others the SR20 or … I have owned a 1976 114 for four years, putting 850 hours on it during this time. Furthermore, the Commander Aircraft Co. agreed to abide by the terms of the settlement. Another problem with early 112s were the fiber-glass doors, which fit poorly, creating a noisy cabin in flight and a leaky cabin when parked. This action can not be undone. Replace Commander part 175009-3 and 175009-8. (CFA), Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. and Rockwell International agreed to a settlement on the repair and upgrading of all 990 or so Commander 112/114s in this country and overseas. A turbonormalized engine cannot make more than 30 inches of manifold pressure at sea level. The aircraft will fly itself off the runway at about 72 knots. In 1976, a six-cylinder 260-hp powerplant was installed and the model became the Rockwell Commander 114. By Robert Goyer. All prices noted in this article are for airplanes that have had the spar, tail and seat mods completed. The TC was produced alongside the normally aspirated 112. I also find that these faster aircraft arrive ahead of the 114 by only five to ten minutes with my typical two and one-half hour flight. In 1977 aerodynamic improvements gave slightly improved performance. Landing the airplane is easy but just in case you botch one, the trailing-link gear soaks up the worst landings a pilot can dish out.

Rockwell's General Aviation Division began development of the original Commander 111 and 112 during the late 1960s, and announced its new range in late 1970. Most mechanics have little trouble working with the aircraft and its systems. I remain very satisfied with the decision to purchase the Commander 114 and recommend the aircraft to anyone wishing to step up to a complex single. A real disappointment. A fix-for $2,500-was mandated by AD 88-05-06. The wings werent the only problem. Rockwell Commander 112 114 stainless kit. With two adults and 54 gallons of fuel, the 112A was loaded to within 50 pounds of its maximum takeoff weight. Please login below for an enhanced experience. The kit contains all the orings, back up rings and wiper rod required to service the actuator. 112s came standard with 48 gallons of usable fuel or the optional 68-gallon capacity. Therefore, potential buyers would do well to check over the roster of those completed on aircraft under consideration. This made a change in the gust load calculations and mandated evaluation of wing and carry-through structure for fatigue. Also, owners who paid to have an earlier version of the mods were to receive cash refunds. Rockwell Commander 112, 112B, 112TC series main landing gear actuator kit. (Interestingly, there have been a relatively high proportion of gear-collapse accidents in the past.). You won't win any short-field takeoff competitions with this airplane. Their model 112 first flew in late 1970 and continued to evolve through a number of engine changes. And evidently the gear load problem was overlooked in the calculations. AIRCRAFT MAKE / MODEL: ROCKWELL COMMANDER 112 PRODUCT CATEGORY: ENGINE MOUNT PRODUCT MATERIAL: CHROMOLY TUBING PART CONDITION: … Latest. ... Rockwell Commander 112, 114. One of the latter is the Commander 114. But it connected with the Commander 112, thanks to a cabin with dual doors that emphasized easy ingress and egress (more appealing than the single-door arrangement on Piper and Mooney models), aggressive styling and a price just shy of $25,000. At $40 an hour, that totaled $6,480 per airplane in labor alone. Inside, pilot and passengers ride in comfort that can only be matched in cabin-class twins. Get the latest news on coronavirus impacts on general aviation, including what AOPA is doing to protect GA, event cancellations, advice for pilots to protect themselves, and more. Single Engine Airplanes Small cracks in that area were discovered on several airplanes, necessitating the rulemaking. Make: Rockwell Commander Model: 112TC Price: $42,500 Airframe: 1860 Total time This is a buying opportunity, the bank just fore gave a near $70,000 loan on this nice Commander 112TC. Mechanical – This is one tough aircraft! For overseas owners of Commander 112/114 aircraft, facilities were set up in England, Switzerland, Australia and Sweden for the modification work. Owners have come to terms with the 112's speed and payload shortcomings and relish in the fun of owning and flying a well-built, good-looking airplane that is the most comfortable ride in its class. The short-wing Commanders (112, 112A) feature crisp roll rates and docile stalls. The increased span allowed Rockwell to raise the max takeoff weight of the normally aspirated 112B to 2,800 pounds. More Aircraft. Performance and handling – Overall handling and resistance to turbulence is very good. . 104-PPLGA6 main landing gear actuator oring kit for the Commander 112 models with 48822-1 / -2 actuators. A turbocharged version was added to the new line in 1995, with an equipped price of $417,000 (used value today $332,000) and continues in production at a cost in excess of $450,000. In fact, Commander Aircraft performs restorations to older 112s, outfitting them with many of the same materials used in the new 115s. More Aircraft. However, owners had to pay for the labor. Fully equipped (IFR LORAN, Stormscope, backup vacuum, air/oil separator, etc.) For information about the refurbishments, call Commander at 405/495-8080 or visit the Web site ( The Rockwell Commander 112 and Commander 114 are single-engine four-seat light touring aircraft with retractable landing gear produced by the US-American manufacturer North American Rockwell, later Rockwell International and later by Commander Aircraft Corporation. However, through the use of a manual wastegate, the pilot can recover lost manifold pressure as the airplane climbs. I necessarily fly hard IFR a lot and can say, without hesitation, that this is an excellent IFR platform. A power-off stall in the landing configuration occurred at approximately 50 kt. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ.. Europe, United Kingdom, For Sale by AT Aviation. The lowly fixed-gear Piper Archer with 20 less horsepower comes within one knot of matching it. At the best-rate-of-climb speed on a hot, humid day, the 112A climbed at 600 to 700 feet per minute. With its six-cylinder 260-hp Lycoming IO-540, the 114 proved to be a much better marriage of airframe and powerplant. Whether the bracing would prevent future problems was a point of controversy. Will a bigger engine finally make this comfy, good-flying airplane fast enough? But that doesn't preclude getting a thorough logbook check and pre-buy inspection just to be sure. Please note: You will have to register to read or post to the Public forums. No warranty of fitness for any purpose is made or implied. If people bought airplanes based on looks and roominess alone, there would likely be a lot more Rockwell Commanders out in the field. The 112 has … 112. Faret routinely sees 152 kt at 10,000 feet. I find it quite comfortable, if a little slow, on cross-countries. And leaving few stones unturned in securing a satisfactory, lasting arrangement, the owners association obtained an agreement to settle by arbitration any future disputes that might arise. Through all of the above-mentioned efforts at correcting the structural problems of the Commander singles, one of the huge ironies is the recollection how Rockwells premier marketing thrust for the 112s and 114s concerned their alleged Herculean strength, derived from meeting Amendment Seven of the FARs. It is a high-wing monoplane. Right up front, though, we must note that it appears that the fixes have worked: as this book goes to press in early 2001, there hasnt been a type-specific AD issued in more than 10 years except for an exhaust clamp on the turbo model. Much is made of the resurgence of Cessna and Piper in recent years. I use the Commander on night IFR flights so I am very aggressive with preventive maintenance for the aircraft. The size of the cabin and dual cabin doors are also great. This website contains many older reviews. This stout, four-seat single has a stylish look that is noticeably absent among many airplane designs dating to the 1950s and '60s. The Rockwell Commander 112 is a four-seat, single-engined aircraft developed by North American Rockwell.

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