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gorr the god butcher vs thanos

02 12 2020

Thanos with no: HOTU, IG,CC, HOTI etc vs Gorr 1. Tier. Why did you have to murder him like this? Change characters Create a variation. Wiki Points. you cant just go around slaying Celestials and not provide ANY CONTEXT. Thor: Love and Thunder will feature Gorr the God-Butcher as a secondary antagonist, We Got This Covered can exclusively report. He is an alien from an unnamed planet, harbouring an intense hatred for gods, due to false beliefs and hopes that the gods would reach and protect him and his family when needed. Gorr the God-Butcher's brutality is pretty self-explanatory; his end goal is to destroy all gods in the universe and he starts accomplishing it one by one. Change characters Create a variation. Years later he married and fathered some children. So Thanos both rounds. yeah gorr is screwed in my opinion what you think? Combat. User Lists: 0 #1 skywalker95. Strength. Forum Posts. Kratos yell at his son. Better question is: What makes You think it won't? 0. Speed. Thanos was able to mentally enslave the Fallen one, a herald of Galactus. But if you were only using God of Thunder Gorr then Thanos both rounds. We know Thanos is way more durable than Thor and in round two, with prep, it might even be easy. He was a character created by Esad Ribic and Jason Aaron. It was the statements. 1st scenario Thanos no prep random encounter, 2nd scenario Thanos has a month prep with no (ig), Thanos thinks Gorr has the infinity gems and he will stop at nothing to get them. Thor implied that Gorr was threatening all the universes TWICE. Gorr The God Butcher & Galactus vs Thanos. @tonystark6999: As for future thanos, correct me if i'm wrong, but i seem to remember King Thanos one-shotting OK Thor. He's an augmented Eternal. save. 0. New … 8851. Current Gorr? Gorr's pregnant mate Arra was killed during an earthquake, and one by one his chil… Can't wait for the final 2 issues on the arc and hopefully they'll finally shed some light on the origin of the black ooze. Except, Gorr was fighting King Thor at a Multiversal scale. @takenstew22: @hyoname: How much more powerful is he, then before? See Also: The Gorr (God Butcher) (Earth-616) gallery $105.00. Still though normal 616 Thor has given Norrin a good fight plenty of times and Surfer has said on one occasion he wouldn't want to be Thor's enemy, course then that Asgard vs Galactus thing happened where Thor dented Surfer's skull. We know it ate this one, but we would have to know that other universes were in just as bad a shape as this one. Gorr is an alternative transliteration of Nór, the mythic founder of Norway.Gorr may refer to: . I mean, future Thanos also was one shotting Celestials with Black Bolt, who can't even kill high tiers while screaming, so there's obviously some dumb stuff going on there. Gorr: The God Butcher from Thor: God of Thunder is the wielder of the first symbiote, All-Black the Necrosword, but who IS he? Thanos versus Gorr the God Butcher. @omgomgwtfwtf: what makes you think TP would work on gorr? Serious. Nov 10, 2014 - Gorr the God Butcher vs Thor by Esad Ribic. Losing to his younger self after those feats? Gorr survived their encounter however and would spend the next thousand years butchering more and more gods, growing ever stronger and amassing an army of dark minions to assist him in his crusade. Reviews: 0. Even if we consider the versions you are talking about, Gorr still wins by scaling above Old King Thor, who evenly fought a fed Galactus and Thanos was almost killed by a starving Galactus. What do you mean by 'Actual Gorr'? 616 versions respectively. Gorr The God Butcher vs Thanos # not voted What did DanCo got wrong on this fight? Gorr seems to be God Kryptonite. 4 years ago. H2H 2. He became one with the entire universe and it took OKT throwing a universal AOE at him in order to beat him. Round 2: Thanos in a month can find a way. ... One is Gorr the God Butcher, a fearsome enemy of the Asgardian Avenger’s from the comics. Gorr served as the main villain for the first 11 issues of Thor: God of Thunder. Gorr already had a chance to win then, he godstomps now. Possibly TP, but I'm doubtful of that on Gorr. Almost losing to surfer with Mjolnir? He was a character created by Esad Ribic and Jason Aaron. You would have to have some real hard evidence to show that the necrosword ate multiple universes to grow. BlotskyA 9 mo 23 d . This thread is archived. Here Is What Thor Villain Gorr the God Butcher Could Look Like in the MCU. Gorr The God Butcher vs Thanos # not voted What did DanCo got wrong on this fight? Posted by 3 years ago. Yes, King Thor killed Gorr by unlocking his inner potential. On the verge of passing out, Thor replies that he's the god of thunder, a massive bolt of lightning striking the God-Butcher. I don't recall Gorr ever dealing with telepathy. R1:speed non equal R2:speed equal . Galactus vs Odin, Gorr the God Butcher, Thanos and Zeus 63 results; 1; 2; skywalker95 . Gorr has shown no telepathic resistance whatsoever, so it should work on him. Forum Posts. Change characters Create a variation. SP1M is a super-amped version of Supes. One could make a great case about gorr in a gorr vs mid fed Galactus battle I think. Gorr was once a simple man living on a dying alien planet, constantly wracked by famine, predators and natural disasters. hide. The new feats are "future Gorr", and if you want to use "future Gorr" you should also use "future Thanos" if you want to use those feats, and Thanos stomps again. If you find an image in the database that is not shown here, please edit that image adding "Gorr (God Butcher) (Earth-616)" as an image subject. King Thor is an alternate future, just like TOBA Hulk, King Thanos, Venom: The End, etc. BlotskyA 9 mo 23 d . Thanos is arguably the best brick in all of Marvel for anything below Galactus-level, I just don't see him be taken down by Gorr. Gorr the God Butcher vs Thor by Esad Ribic. Gorr The God Butcher vs Thanos # Gorr The God Butcher current thanos one stimple shot .base thanos loses. marvel masterpieces 1992 Card 3-D Wolverine Vs Sabretooth Foil ... THOR GOD of THUNDER #2 1st print 1st app GORR GOD BUTCHER MARVEL 2013 NM-$99.75. Speed. Superhero battle match: Gorr The God Butcher & Galactus versus Thanos. The same guy that killed future Gorr. Actually, Gorr had a super amp, did you actually read the story? He was taught to trust in the gods, but they never answered his prayers. SHDb; uStats; Intelligence. 0. It was strictly universal. Thanos should win by TP though Gorr is a lot more powerful. Even in modern times, this relationship … 0. Black bolt killing Celestials? And I have come to exterminate all of the gods in this world." 0. Close. Home » Comic Book Forums » Comic Book 'Versus' Forum » Thanos vs Gorr: The God Butcher: Thanos vs Gorr: The God Butcher Started by: ozz81. Speed. Round 2 i think Thanos can pull off a win with a month prep. Now" He says to his son sternly. Gorr was able to take on King Thor, Avengers Thor and Viking Thor and still win... but RKT was able to take out Mangog without effort, plus his Rune magic means he wouldn’t have to engage Gorr in melee, which is where the God Butcher shines. I have not seen telepathy work on gorr it’s all assumptions. BEERUS VS. GORR! Strength. 3 months ago. As I said I was dubious if that would even work. Thanos can't defend against it for every long, and any cut will eat him up from the inside. And again, this is future, amped Gorr, future Amped Thanos is the one that casually oneshot Galan, and more importantly, casually oneshot Old King Thor. Marvel Comics Reveals How Thanos First Learned About Earth. You need to be logged in to post comments.. 0. Battle options. Characters Battles Teams Super Powers Forum Feed Collections. He's an augmented Eternal. share. save. 0. Who will win in a fight between Team Gorr The God Butcher and Team Rune King Thor? 0. With Prep, as always Thanos takes the majority. Beerus is the God of Destruction from Universe 7 in Dragon Ball Super and is regarded as a candidate for being one of the strongest Hakaishins. He might have had grandiose ideas, but he didn't go through with them. Without the Infinity Gauntlet? Gorr, the god of anti-gods, debuted in Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic's Thor: God of Thunder . Wiki Points ... Gorr won easily at God Butcher, Gorr stomps now with no effort. @byondeon: instead of big talk post So called canon feats of full potential thanos. Yeah yeah I know what you mean. Oct 20, 2020 #1 all of them going all out who wins? 0. Saved by Skull Devill. "But father" Atreus yells with concern. Thanos vs Gorr: The God Butcher. Read my previous posts. I had it shown to me during the Gorr RT, so just check that out in the comments. 0. Who comes out on top? Gorr is incredibly strong and can kill Superman even quicker than doomsday did. @czarny_samael666: nothing but it dosen't seem like it would affect him, ok i will take TP off for both rounds. 0.

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