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best bait for crappie in summer

02 12 2020

The best options are going to be small, and thin enough to be pulled straight if snagged on brush. What’s even better than live minnow is the scent. Find the Bait. Around June, just when the temps are reaching 70 degrees, crappie will find the closest drop-off that is adjacent to their bedding area where they spawn. The good thing is that crappie baits are not expensive at all, so you can try as many of them as you like. This is why choosing the right color for crappies can be tricky. The bobber minnow rig or float rig is very common for crappie fishing. Best Bait for Crappie Fishing in 2020: Complete Reviews With Comparisons, Can be used for other fish, too, besides crappie, Best Bait for Crappie Fishing: Brief Reviews, 4. Spoon bait is best for catching crappies in deeper cover during winters. Fishing Lure Review. Their products are innovative, and they were one of the first ones to use nylon from DuPont. Also remember to work the bait slowly, because crappies are notoriously slower in taking a bait, during hot weather. That’s even better when it’s crappie feeding time, which is usually around midnight. This kind of rig is good for when you want to fish at a particular depth. The swimbait body has a swimming action no matter how fast you retrieve them, which will be ideal for crappie fishing in summertime. After crappie fishing for 20+ years, I still remember how tough it was to choose jig colors in the beginning. They don’t fall apart so easily, and they get the job done. Crappie … Bobbers have two essential types: split bobber and stationary bobbers. Summer on a big majority of Mississippi’s lakes is a great time to catch slab crappie. These wiggle like baitfish, which is attractive for crappie. The dual-color injection makes it versatile for both low-light and high-light conditions. Below, in no particular order, is my list of the best crappie jig colors.. You’ll notice a few repeats, and that’s no mistake. Crappies stay in the brush during summer, so that’s where you’ll find most of them. This particular Baby Shad is available in Blue Ice and Silver. These include red, white, chartreuse, and pink. The Berkley Gulp Alive Minnow bait has a very natural look and feel. Crappies tend to be aggressive during spawn making them easier to catch. The best crappie jig is one tipped with a minnow. Visibility of the bait is very important, and it depends on two factors: the clarity of water and the light conditions (sunlight). If you’re using live baits, you can use octopus-style baits. You can catch the big specks on just about anything you want — live bait, plastic and micro crankbaits. But when we do win, it … You need color in your bait to attract them, and they have their own preferred colors, which can change from time to time. The shad hatch during the summer causes crappie to feed on small bait but when fall arrives the shad have grown bigger and crappie prefer a larger meal then. That said, any seasoned angler should be able to fish for crappie all year long. However, that’s not always the case. For instance, chartreuse black could work in different light and water conditions. During daylight hours, crappie tends to swim to the deeper waters, which is why it can be difficult to catch them in the hours around noon. This is pretty effective, as crappie are mostly active during low-light conditions, like at dawn or sunset, and even at night. Also, it’s a durable bait, so you can be sure to get your money’s worth. Brush piles in the spring and then a little drift fishing that helped get those suspended crappie that were scattered throughout the lake. If you can locate baitfish in your pond, that is where crappie will be hunting. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to With soft plastics, the advantage is that you have a lot of options, so you can try several on a single fishing trip. Glow colors, especially white glow, are great for catching crappies in clear water. The Slab Slay’r is a size 0 crappie bait, which is basically two inches in length. Crappies suspended along a channel will be stacked one above the other so you need a fishing bait with the ability to … Since these baits are made in the USA, you can be sure about the quality, too. It’s summer, it’s hot, and long-gone are those days of spring when the crappie were spawning and a lot easier to locate and catch. Nibbles are hard to perfect as they can often create a mess, or worse, they float on water. 4. If you’re not having any luck with small bait, adding this nibble will definitely turn the tables for you. Tubes are perhaps the most common soft plastic baits used for catching crappie. The quivering split tail design adds to the bait’s natural look, making it appear almost like a real minnow. Some colors work better than others, so you can keep these as your primary color choices. These usually give a much better action than a live minnow. Crappie from far can easily smell the fragrance and swim all the way to bite. The 300 Series trolls at 14 to 17 feet on 20-lb braid.” Trolling speed is critical when it comes to crappie, and Duckworth bases his … Really, any time the crappie bite is good, some jig configuration is typically your best bet. Crappies are a favorite of many anglers, given that you can catch them with light fish tackle. TRUSCEND is a relatively new player, but their fish baits are high-end and innovative. You can tip them with a jig or nibble, as these are unscented. Using the optional scent is a good idea because it gives you discretion on whether you want to add it or not. You don’t necessarily need fancy fishing gear for crappie. Pick your Bait, Hook, and Markings. Bobby Garland specializes in crappie baits, which is why it’s pretty popular among anglers fishing for crappies. Curly tails and paddle tails provide the best action. Spring is usually the best time of the year, especially for beginners. When used in heavy cover, make sure to drop the jig properly, so it’s adequately visible to the crappie. Artificial bait is very popular for catching crappie. These nibbles glow under dark conditions and attract crappies far and wide. Both species of crappie belong to the sunfish family and are fun to catch and good to eat. There’s no particular month that’s best for catching crappie. The company makes a wide range of fishing baits, including some of the best for crappie fishing. The small container’s weight is 1.1 ounces. This chemical is classified as cancer-causing in California state, according to Proposition 65. Glow white would be best for clear water. Fishing Crappie in the Summer. 22:53. Jigging is very common for crappie fishing, especially in deep cover. If you just want to use this one, you can perhaps add a scent with a crappie slab sauce spray. The Bait That Works Best Thanks to the fact that the crappie fish has a varied diet, finding a bait for it to catch isn’t difficult. You can even use artificial minnow baits that resemble the look and scent of the live one. Some artificial baits also have a scent to attract crappie, though it’s not as necessary as colors, which are more important for crappies. When the summertime sun raises water temperatures above the 80-degree mark, crappie seek deeper water and heavier cover. Try trolling – During the heat of summer, one of the best tactics for … In the fall, they are usually near the docks where you can fish for them under 10 feet depth. A huge range of different baits confront the angler when shopping for a new crappie lure, so it can be hard to pinpoint which to choose.

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